Benefit from the expertise of our students

Utilize our employer services when you want to recruit a trainee or summer workers, or want to suggest a master’s thesis topic. Our students have a wide range of expertise: in addition to helping students specialise in their field, university studies foster other useful skills, such as languages and the ability to manage extensive sets of information. Students can bring new ideas to your company!
Find a talent

Every year, approximately 1,000 University of Helsinki students embark on a compulsory or elective traineeship as part of their studies. This means that there is certainly demand for traineeship placements!

When you recruit a student as a trainee, you will gain access to the latest research information from the University in addition to a valuable employee. Many employers go on to hire their trainees for longer contracts.

As the University offers the broadest range of education in Finland, our students are suitable for many different types of traineeship duties. Trainees can, for example, perform duties related to marketing and communications, such as social media communications, website development, content planning, content production or event communications. The trainee can also draft reports, questionnaires or other research and projects that can benefit your organisation.

Trainees must be assigned duties that enable them to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained during their studies. Primarly a traineeship is one of the first opportunities for a student to utilize the expertise gained in studies and it is important to acknowledge this in the recruitment process. The trainees duties must provide an opportunity for learning new things.

You can advertise a traineeship placement in the JobTeaser service. For more on JobTeaser, visit the Aarresaari website.

Things to remember when advertising a traineeship

  • The average duration of a traineeship is three months.
  • We will not publish advertisements for unpaid traineeships. We reserve the right to not publish advertisements for positions that are not suitable for our students. Read our publication terms.
  • Design the best possible traineeship advertisement. Traineeships may also be offered to international students. If you would like to target international students, write the advert in English. See here tips tips on writing an advert.
  • The employer must assign a supervisor for the trainee to support the trainee’s successful traineeship. See tips for trainee supervision.
  • The trainee’s salary for full-time employment must meet the minimum wage under the work requirement set by Kela (1399 €/month in 2024). The University of Helsinki supports its students in finding paid traineeships with a traineeship subsidy system.

The JobTeaser job portal provides a forum for reaching University of Helsinki students and graduates seeking employment in their field. For students, we particularly welcome adverts for summer work, part-time work that can be completed alongside studies or short-term substitute positions. Employees for more challenging tasks can be found from among our graduates.

  • With a single advert, you can target the University of Helsinki exclusively or all the universities in Finland.
  • If you want to reach the international experts at the University of Helsinki, write your advert in English. The University of Helsinki has approximately 2,000 international students.
  • A carefully drafted advert draws more applicants. Read tips on how to create a advertisement on the Aarresaari webiste.
  • We will not publish adverts for jobs that are unsuitable for our students in terms of their field or otherwise. Read our publication terms.

Substitute positions and cooperation with student organisations

If you are interested in hiring a University of Helsinki student for a substitute position, student organisations are a good point of contact.

 Information on substitute positions and student organisations can be found here:


More information, contact career services:

Is your organisation interested in international expertise? Approximately 2,000 international students are currently studying at the University of Helsinki. Get to know our international experts by becoming a host organisations in UNITalent or recruiting a student!

Recruit an international student

Many international students of the University of Helsinki are looking for a job or traineeship in Finland. International students have a great deal of language and cultural skills that are useful for interaction with international collaboration partners, for example.

Engaging an international student as a trainee is a good way to explore the diversity and international perspective of your organisation. It also provides the opportunity to increase the equality of your recruitment practices.

When recruiting an international expert, you should consider issues such as these:

  • What are the language skills necessary for the role? Consider the required language skills in advance. Can the appointee use, for instance, English, but also learn Finnish at the same time?
  • You should write the job or traineeship ad in English and clearly indicate if Finnish skills are not required.
  • Encourage students from different backgrounds to apply by explaining in the ad how your organisation aims to promote diversity or internationalisation.
  • Take diversity into account in any images used in the ad.
  • Consider the possibility of anonymous recruitment. The purpose of anonymous recruitment is to prevent discrimination and to draw the attention of recruiters, first and foremost, to the applicants’ knowledge and skills.
  • Read more about diverse recruitment on the website of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health: How to promote diversity in recruitment?

Citizens of EU and EEA countries face no restrictions on working in Finland. Students from outside the EU and EEA can work in a full-time traineeship role as part of their studies, and work in a role unconnected to their studies for an average of 25 hours a week per term. In addition, students from outside the EU and EEA have no restrictions on working during the University’s holiday periods.

Under current legislation, after graduation international students from outside the EU can apply for a one-year residence permit for the purpose of seeking a job or starting a company.

For further information on the employment opportunities of international students in Finland, please see the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Get to know international students and doctoral researchers (UNITalent)

Does your organisation need international expertise, but you don’t know where to start looking? Meet the University of Helsinki’s young international experts through the HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme (UNITalent) and find your trainee, summer employee or future team member.

What is the HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme?

  • A three-month programme to connect companies with international students. The intention is to help students build networks in the Finnish labour market and business sector. 
  • An excellent way to build a positive employer brand among students or experiment with internationalisation. A diverse staff is a creative staff! 
  • Ideally, the UNITalent will generate long-term cooperation. However, the programme implies no further commitment from the company.


More information, contact career services:

Build your brand

Are you interested in increasing your visibility among University of Helsinki’s students and recent graduates? An employer profile in the JobTeaser job portal can be your 24/7 showcase!

With a JobTeaser profile, you can introduce your organisation, highlight its values and culture and advertise open positions or traineeship opportunities. You can include videos to describe your operations or add links to guide students to your own content.  

Select from two profile types

  • restricted employer profile, including the tabs About us and Jobs. See the Metsä Group company profile.
  • extensive company profile, with the opportunity to market events, publish news and provide more information about your teams in addition to the above. See the JobTeaser company profile.      

Make your organisation interesting as an employer

  • Students want jobs that have meaning. Highlight your mission and corporate culture!
  • Use videos and images to illustrate your texts.    
  • Tell stories and provide examples of how your organisation cares for its employees or is flexible.    
  • Highlight the community and benefits of your organisation. Students are often interested in the ability to work remotely or with flexible hours.  

Your profile doesn’t have to include everything about your organisation, you can also add links to your website.  

An employer profile in the University of Helsinki’s JobTeaser service is free of charge. If you are interested in gaining visibility in several universities and institutions of higher education with the same profile, JobTeaser provides this service for a fee.  

At the University of Helsinki, user numbers for JobTeaser are steadily increasing, with more than 10,000 students or alumni registered at the time of writing.

Contact Career Services

If you are interested in creating an employer profile, please contact Career Services!

We can survey the needs of your organisation and tell you more about employer profiles.

Career Services organises two HelsinkiUNI Career Day recruitment events in November and January each academic year for all university students. In addition to these, student organisations organise campus-specific fairs. Participate with your company in the most interesting one for your target group. In addition to the fairs, Career Services gives employers the opportunity to promote their own employment offerings at Employers' Corner or share their expertise at Career Services' job search workshops and events.

Career Services' offering for employers

HelsinkiUNI Career Day recruitment events

Is your organisation hiring summer workers or trainees or looking for recent graduates for your trainee programme? If the answer is yes, take part in the Career Day recruitment event and share with our students what kind of expertise you are looking for and what kinds of open positions you have.

Next date: 19.1.2024
Target group: Students and recent graduates from all faculties. Find out more about the university's bachelor's and master's degree programmes and international education programmes.
Place: Virtual platform

The event offers:

  • visibility for open vacancies and traineeship opportunities as well as for the organisation as an employer in the JobTeaser job portal and student marketing.
  • an opportunity to pitch the organisation’s career opportunities on a common platform and
  • meet students virtually.

Visibility and employer branding:
Each participating organisation will have its own employer profile on the university's JobTeaser portal and will be involved in targeted student marketing.

Pitching, 12 - 14 pm, joint zoom webinar platform
Employers will be invited to pitch their organisation's career opportunities to students. Each organisation will have 5 - 8 min depending on the number of organisations.

Meet the students, options:

  • 14 - 15 pm: separate Q&A session, organsation's own virtual platform
    Employers can hold a separate Q&A session to answer students' questions or to present more extensively on open job and internship opportunities and their organisation as an employer.
  • 10 am - 15 pm, one-to-one meetings, organsation's own virtual platform
    Organisations can also meet the students by one-to-one appointment if they wish (15 min/student). The five-hour period can be used in full or in part.

Career Services will market the event to students, organise a joint pitch session, open Q&A sessions and set the basis for appointments for JobTeaser company profiles. Up to 20 organisations can participate.

Registration for Career Day is currently not open. Registration for the 2024 - 2025 academic year events will open in spring 2024.

More information is available from the University’s Career Services:

Employers' Corner

The Employers’ Corner provides you with an opportunity to market what your company has to offer to students as an employer. The theme may be, for example, an upcoming trainee programme, summer jobs, a competition or other event. The main thing is that the target group is students or those about to graduate and it focuses on students’ employment.

Further information: Career Services, email:

Career Services always evaluates the suitability and attractiveness of the company’s or organisation’s career opportunities for students of the University of Helsinki. Events organised by Career Services must sufficiently promote the employability and employment opportunities of University students.

Offer your expertise for our job hunting workshops and events

Recruiters, do you wish to meet our students and share your best tips for job hunting? The job hunting workshops and trainings organised by Career Services provide you with an opportunity to do just that. As a guest recruitment expert, you will simultaneously build a positive employer image for your organisation among our students and help them navigate the ins and outs of job hunting.
Further information: Career Services,

Career Services always evaluates the suitability and attractiveness of the company’s or organisation’s career opportunities for students of the University of Helsinki. Events organised by Career Services must sufficiently promote the employability and employment opportunities of University students.

Campus fairs organised by student organisations

Social sciences job fair

The social sciences job fair brings together students, alumni, experts, researchers and employers in the field of social sciences.

Participating in the job fair will give you a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of the role social science graduates will have in the professional life of the future.

Date: November
Target group: students of the Faculty of Social Sciences

For the next job fair and more information, visit the website of the Kannunvalajat student organisation.


The VTM fair website.

Potential, Kumpula Campus

Kumpula’s Potential is a job and recruitment fair organised by students at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Science which has been held since 2017. Kumpula’s Potential has been a success for both the students and corporate exhibitors.

According to feedback from corporate exhibitors, 95% thought the event was at least worth the cost, and one in four thought that the event provided excellent value for money.

Date: November
Target group: students of natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, and computer science

For the date of the next fair and further information, please see the website of Kumpula’s Potential.

ViikkiAreena, Viikki Campus

ViikkiAreena is a job fair organised by the subject-specific student organisations of the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry to give students and the University community at large a clearer and broader view of companies’ operations while presenting the latest trends and career opportunities in relevant fields.

For companies, ViikkiAreena is an opportunity to heighten their profile as an attractive employer, meet the professionals of the future and hear about the latest developments in the field at the University.

ViikkiAreena features topical themes and improves students’ career skills as part of their studies.

Date: November
Target group: students of agriculture and forestry as well as food science

For the date of the next fair and further information, see the website of ViikkiAreena

Co-create together with the students

As a university, we work in close collaboration with business and society to help solve real world problems with innovative, practical solutions.

As part of this mission, organisations can propose a Master’s Thesis about a topic or problem of your choice. Research and survey projects are excellent opportunities for commissioning a master’s thesis. For the student, the master’s thesis demonstrates their learning and forms a coherent whole with a set research question, goal, scope and schedule.

Thesis cooperation is available in all of the University’s fields of education and partners can be found from a wide variety of employer sectors.

As an organisation, you can advertise a topic for a commissioned master’s thesis on JobTeaser. Students will contact you directly if they are interested in the topic and it suits their studies. The student will arrange approval from the degree programme for both the thesis topic and the commission.

Note! The University of Helsinki has different practices for doing a commissioned Master's thesis. Career Services is currently exploring these practices, meaning the guidelines are under construction.The university may also be a party to the agreement.

The University of Helsinki does not have a system for deeds of donation or a foundation that could fund a commissioned master’s thesis.

Instructions for posting an advertisement can be found on the Aarresaari website.


More information, contact career services:

Gradumakery is a new programme at the University of Helsinki that facilitates the commissioning of theses. Gradumakery is a facilitated process during which an idea provided by a business will be refined into a research topic of academic interest, which will be turned into a master’s thesis in six months.

At Gradumakery, we will reshape the partner’s idea into a suitable thesis topic by sparring on it together with the partner and an academic supervisor in the field. We will market the topic extensively to the desired degree programme students and identify a suitable candidate on behalf of the partner. In addition, we will organise three planned meetings between the writer of the thesis and the partner organisation. Once the thesis is completed, we will organise a presentation session on the results of the thesis for the partner to make the results immediately available for use. 

The aim has been to make the process as easy as possible for the partner, requiring no substantial investment of time. From the partner, the collaboration requires a single contact person to serve as the thesis writer’s mentor during the process. The contact person will attend a sparring meeting focused on the research topic, three or four meetings with the thesis writer, depending on the topic, and a session for presenting the thesis. The student takes part in the master’s thesis seminar of their degree programme as usual, while the University remains responsible for thesis supervision. 

Gradumakery brings our multidisciplinary student community within reach, raising your profile among the desired student groups. Through thesis collaboration, your organisation will effortlessly gain access to the latest research-based knowledge and the opportunity to put theory into practice.

Further information and contact: 

The HELSUS Co-Creation Lab offers a facilitated co-creation process, during which the students complete their master’s thesis based on sustainability challenges presented by our business partners. Each sustainability challenge is explored transdisciplinarily by students from different fields. 

During the Co-Creation Lab, students respond to the sustainability challenge presented by the partner and write their master’s thesis on a topic to be specified during the process. Networking and accumulating experience constitute an essential part of the process, over the course of which we bring together genuine sustainability challenges and experts of the future.

The first Co-Creation Lab was organised in the 2019–2020 academic year. The theme was the circular economy, with UPM-Kymmene Corporation, Valio, Outotec and the Ministry of the Environment as partners. The 2022–2023 HELSUS Co-Creation Lab involves Helen, Valmet, Metsä Group and Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY. 

Further information and contact: 

Helsinki Think Company is a community of academic entrepreneurship at the University of Helsinki that particularly supports students, researchers and entrepreneurs in developing their competencies. Think Company provides coaching and helps find networks through which academic skills can be put into practice by entrepreneurs and other parties involved in professional life, or in the context of broader societal problem-solving.

Helsinki Think Company has co-working facilities on all four campuses of the University of Helsinki. In addition to facilities, Think Company provides a diverse range of transdisciplinary workshops, events, challenge competitions and programmes that transcend campus and organisational boundaries. In fact, Think Company has accumulated expertise in co-creation, facilitation, workshop planning, presentation coaching, support for teamwork and brainstorming, project planning, service design and event production since 2013.

Alongside facilities and events, at the heart of Think Company operations lies a community focused on societal change and entrepreneurship, constituting a network that encompasses students, researchers, alumni, collaboration partners, entrepreneurs, higher education institutions and the Finnish innovation ecosystem. Think Company reaches its target group extensively through facilities, content, the community and various communication channels.


Business and collaboration partners involved in operations

As a service, Think Company carries out programmes based on co-creation built on various goals in cooperation with business and organisational partners. Through a range of brainstorming and challenge programmes and competitions, partners can, for example, seek solutions to problems together with students and researchers, polish their employer image, bring various parties together to solve shared challenges or draw out solvers and solution ideas from within their own organisation.

Helsinki Think Company specialises in broad-based and impactful challenges related to society and the environment, building successful programme entities with various businesses, organisations and public operators. Think Company’s partners include Fazer, Kone, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Roche, Pohjolan Voima, the University of the Arts Helsinki, Aalto University, the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland, E2, the National Library of Finland, CSC – IT Center for Science, the Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (Vikes), the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, the Finnish Refugee Council and the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to broader programme entities, Think Company offers facilitation and planning for individual workshops and workshop modules. The themes are designed together with the client to meet current needs, including problem-solving, the planning of collaboration, the development of teamwork, entrepreneurial skills, project planning, brainstorming, pitching, and intergenerational challenges in professional life.

Further information and contact:

Think Company’s core team can be reached at By contacting us, you can request further information or arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas and hopes for potential collaboration. Each partnership is planned together with the partner and priced flexibly.


You can also directly contact the University of Helsinki’s faculty- and subject-specific associations. Many of them are actively looking for business collaboration partners for activities such as excursions. They can also help you find the talent most relevant to your business. Some of the associations charge a fee for advertising events or employment opportunities.

Further information and contact:
A list of the University’s faculty- and subject-specific student associations is available on the website of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki.

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