JobTeaser: University of Helsinki publication terms

The University of Helsinki publishes job and traineeship advertisements as well as offers regarding commissioned master’s theses on JobTeaser according to its own publication terms. This page features the detailed terms.
JobTeaser: University of Helsinki publication terms
  • For each job advertisement, the University of Helsinki will consider whether it is appropriate for the University’s fields of education.
  • The University may, at its discretion, decline to publish an advertisement sent by an employer, or remove an advertisement already published.
  • Submitted advertisements are sent to the University immediately, and they will be published within three (3) working days.
  • The University of Helsinki is not responsible for the content of the advertisements.
  • If you notice an error in an advertisement you have already submitted or wish to edit the advertisement, correct your advertisement by logging in to your account.

Job advertisements

  • JobTeaser is intended for job advertisements which are suitable for university students or graduates. Advertisements for seasonal work and work that can be carried out alongside studies have a lower threshold for publication.
  • Recruitment advertisements posted by employment agencies must clearly indicate the employer. Anonymous advertisements will not be published.
  • The advertisement must clearly state whether the student will work under an employment contract or as an entrepreneur under a commission.
  • The University of Helsinki does not publish announcements related to network marketing.


  • Traineeships must be suitable for University students. The trainee must be assigned expert duties in which they can apply and enhance their learning to the greatest degree possible.
  • The University of Helsinki publishes only traineeship advertisements that provide a salary that fulfils Kela’s annual work requirement. This is also a requirement for the University’s traineeship subsidy. Further information on University-subsided traineeships.
  • The University of Helsinki will not publish unpaid traineeships or traineeships that would incur costs for the student. The exception to this are international traineeships which are eligible for Erasmus grants or similar support.


Our partner JobTeaser is a French company. More than 800institutions of higher education across Europe use JobTeaser. The service allows employers to announce job and traineeship positions as well as commissioned master’s theses to the University at no cost. With a single advertisement, employers can announce the position exclusively to the University of Helsinki or to other Finnish universities as well.

The Aarresaari website features more detailed instructions for submitting an advertisement. If you have any questions about advertisements, please contact the University of Helsinki Career Services, employerservices(a) Further information about employer services.