Instruct-FI Integrating Structural Cell Biology in Finland

Instruct-HiLIFE is part of the national structural cell biology network  Instruct-FI. Instruct-FI promotes training and state-of-the-art research in protein production and purification; biomolecular complex purification (Biocomplex); high resolution cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM); nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR); native mass spectrometry (MS); structural bioinformatics; and X-ray crystallography (X-ray). Instruct-FI activities are distributed in six universities (Helsinki, Oulu, Turku, Åbo Academi, Eastern Finland, and Tampere), and coordinated by the University of Helsinki. Instruct-FI is included on the Finnish Research Infrastructure 2014-2020 roadmap.


Instruct is a pan-European research infrastructure in structural biology, making high-end technologies and methods available to users.

  • Provides access to innovative equipment to industrial & academic scientists worldwide
  • Delivers training and workshops by internationally recognized experts
  • Provides funding for students - Internships of 6-month in Instruct Centres
  • Provides funding for Pilot Projects
  • Acts as a Structural Biology Hub fostering collaborative science and driving innovations

Finland is in the process of applying membership in Instruct-ERIC that is one of the successful operators at the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). Instruct-ERIC is a landmark European Research Infrastructure on the ESFRI Roadmap link (2016). It provides peer-reviewed access to the core structural biology technologies, develops the next generation of instrumentation in partnership with industry, and provides training for structural biologists in cutting edge techniques. Accesses are provided at the scientifically evaluated and accepted Instruct-ERIC Centres that are located across the Europe. Instruct-ERIC member states host Instruct Centres that provide infrastructure and expertise supporting the mission and objectives of Instruct-ERIC. In Finland, concomitantly with the membership application Ministry of Education and Culture is requesting that Instruct Centre Finland would be recognized as a distributed Instruct-ERIC Centre.