The Histology Core Facility in Viikki

  • Self-service: paraffin embedding, sectioning (paraffin, cryo-,  plastic and vibratome), histological stainings
  • Histotechnological assistance,  training and service in the above techniques

Tissue Preparation and Histochemistry Unit (TPHU) in Meilahti

  • Histotechnological services:  paraffin embedding, paraffin and cryosectioning, various histological stainings
  • Immunohistochemical staining and in-situ hybridization services and facilities; antibodies against intermediate filaments 

Finnish Centre for Laboratory Animal Pathology and
LCM instrument in Viikki

  • Histotechnological services:  paraffin embedding, paraffin and cryosectioning, various histological and immunohistochemical stainings (user supplied antibodies can also be used)
  • Zeiss PALM Mic­ro­Beam la­ser mic­ro­dis­sec­tion in­stru­ment for dissection and collection of samples from histological sections and cell cultures

    Institute of Biotechnology digital slide scanner in Viikki 

    High throughput whole-slide scanning; bright field

    • 3D HISTECH Scanner 20x (NA 0.8), 40x (NA 0.95) air objectives


    FIMM Digital microscopy and molecular pathology unit in Meilahti

    High throughput whole-slide scanning; bright field and fluorescence

    • 3D HISTECH Pannoramic 250 Flash II, 20x (NA 0.8), 40x (NA 0.95) air objectives
    • Zeiss Azio Imager Z2,  20x, 40x and 63x  (NA 1.4) oil objectives 
    • Zeiss Azio Scan Z.1 with 20x  (NA 0.8) and 40x (NA 0.95) air objectives. Macroslide (52 mm x 76 mm) scanning possibility 

    Finnish Centre for Laboratory Animal Pathology

    • Veterinary pathology expertise  and consultation for research projects involving experimental animals
    • Laboratory animal pathology services

    Molecular, Cellular and Transgene Neurodegeneration Team

    • CNS image investigation, neuronal stereology consulting and neuronal morphology analysis
    • Extensive and unique set of in vivo and in vitro tools to study neurodegeneration

    Clinical Informatics and Image-based Diagnostics

    • Microscopy image based diagnostics
    • High-throughput computer assisted methods for automated analysis of digitized cancer tissue and microbiological samples. Computerized quantification and segmentation of digitized tumour samples.