FIMM Genomics: Instructions for creating a user account in iLab (UH internal customers)

These instructions are for customers with email address who are affiliated with a research group under Helsinki University. If you have an email address and want to register under a different institution (for example Folkhälsan, Minerva, HUS), please contact the core whose services you want to access and they will help you set up your iLab account.

iLab is an online order and project management system that is used across many core units in Helsinki University. The system requires one-time registration. Helsinki University internal users register using HAKA credentials (=UH-login). Once you are registered, the system will enable you to browse services, place service request, provide required approvals and monitor progress. PIs don’t need to register for an account – they are already added via SAP-interface and need only login with their HAKA credentials.

Login with HAKA credentials

First go to iLab HiLIFE login page and select “Login using HAKA credentials”. You can also login from the top right corner of the main page.

Select your PI/Group affiliation

Please register/login using your HAKA credentials and email address.

Upon registration you will be asked to select your PI/group from a dropdown menu. If you are affiliated with several labs you can request memberships to more groups later. If you do not see your PI/group in the dropdown menu, please contact core staff for support. Groups are automatically created in iLab based on WBS management in the university SAP-system.

  • PIs don’t need to register for an account as they are automatically added through SAP-integration. PIs do need to login using their HAKA credentials to accept group membership requests and to add WBS-access to their group members. It is also recommended that the PI sets an auto-approval limit in the group settings – all requests that fall under this limit are automatically given financial approval. If no auto approval amount has been set, PIs need to approve for every purchase that is made by their group member or the request will need manual attention by the core staff. Auto-approval limits can be set individually for different group members or as a lab wide default across all members
  • PIs can manage their group settings from the Agilent main menu under the three white bars on the top left corner -> My groups -> Membership requests and WBS elements tab OR -> Members tab. It is recommended that the PI sets an auto approval amount high enough that they don’t need to approve of small orders very often or at all – the alternative is that they actively approve of all requests in a timely manner.
Requesting group access

Different groups and institutions represent different invoicing details in iLab and you can request access to as many groups as you need. If a customer has multiple group memberships associated with their iLab account, they are prompted to choose which one they want to use before initiating a service request. Please choose carefully, as this will determine your invoicing address. Note that payment notes will not be visible on the final invoice.

Go to the Agilent main menu in the upper left corner -> Manage Groups -> Request Group Access


Keep in mind that the groups in iLab follow the WBS-account ownership in the university SAP-system. The WBS you want to use may be listed under someone other than your group PI. If you need assistance checking where in iLab the WBS you want to use is located, please contact an admin of the core you are using.

Your membership request must be accepted and you should have access to at least one WBS account before you can submit service requests.