HiLIFE Genome Analysis Infrastructure (HGI) integrates three genome analysis and two bioinformatics research infrastructures at University of Helsinki to provide state-of-the-art genomics and transcriptomics services.

The platform provides services nationally, and is constantly setting up new applications and welcomes collaborative development projects supporting molecular biology and biomedical research.

User ac­cess policy

HiLIFE Genome Infrastructure (HGI) platform provides open access technology services which are delivered as ‘first-come-first-served’. HGI provides services for national and international research groups, research institutes, companies and hospitals. See ‘Services’ section for more information about technologies.

User guidelines

HGI laboratories provide tailored genome analysis services covering a wide range of medical and biological applications. Services are executed by expert staff applying cutting edge technologies. The platform’s bioinformatics units provide data analysis services and expertise for the laboratories and researchers using their services.

User fees

HGI platform services are supported by HiLIFE and Biocenter Finland funding. Our user fees are based on University of Helsinki pricing guidelines. See example pricing in each LSRI page.