FIMM Genomics: Instructions for creating a user account in iLab (UH external customers)

iLab is an online order and project management system that is used across many core units in Helsinki University. The system requires one-time registration. Once you are registered, the system will enable you to browse services, place service requests, provide required approvals and monitor progress.
Getting started

Note: before you can register for an iLab account your external institution needs to be created in iLab if it is not there already. For invoicing purposes there will also need to be a link connecting the institution in iLab to the institution’s invoicing address in the Helsinki University SAP-system. Do not create a new institution yourself – institutions created by customers lack the important link to the Helsinki University SAP-system and lead to an error when invoicing service requests.

If you are not sure whether or not your institution exists in iLab please ask the core contact people for assistance. Once your institution is set up in iLab you can go ahead and register for an iLab account.

Select the link under section Users outside University of Helsinki -> if not, register here (red circle). Note that HAKA identification is currently in use only for Helsinki University customers.

You can find a list of all Helsinki University core units and the core contact people from the “Core Facilities” tab (orange circle).

Creating an account

Create your iLab account with your institution provided email address.

Note: if you have an email address and you want to register under a different institution (for example Folkhälsan, Minerva, HUS) please contact core staff. iLab recognizes the UH email address and prevents you from selecting institutions outside of Helsinki University. You will need help setting up your account from the core staff.

Selecting institution

Fill in the required details and select your institution from the dropdown menu. Institutions are listed in iLab by their official English name. If you cannot find your institution please contact Seqlab staff. Do not create a new institution yourself! This will lead to an error when placing service requests.

Selecting or creating PI/group affiliation

Select your group from existing groups or create a new group. Your PI or Agilent technical staff will review your membership request and accept it.

Requesting group access

Different groups and institutions represent different invoicing details in iLab and you can request access to as many groups as you need. If a customer has multiple group memberships associated with their iLab account, they are prompted to choose which one they want to use before initiating a service request. Please choose carefully, as this will determine your invoicing address. Note that payment notes will not be visible on the final invoice. Reference number is the only invoicing information you can edit for each individual service request.

Go to Agilent menu -> Manage Groups -> Request Group Access

New window will appear. Type in the institution and group whose membership you want to request. Agilent staff will review your request and accept it.