Want to become an independent user of one of our instruments?

Next User trainings:

BD Accuri
September 20, 2019

Sony SH800z
September 23, 2019

September 17-18, 2019


Get registered to iLab reservation system in Reservation to request a training. In case of a problem contact Biomedicum Flow Cytometry Unit personnel for more info: flow-unit|at|


Yearly Maintenance on Aria II on June 19th 2019. Remember to check compensation and settings

2019 Summer Holiday season. Please find estimated Holiday times for personnel:

Noora    August 22-23

Nina      August 23

Tarja     July 29 - September 1

Independent users should be prepared to start up instruments and make sure shut down procedures are done accordingly during short handed staff

Please use flow-unit|at| email to contact personnel for better luck of message being received