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Biomedicum has a Discover S8

BD Discover S8 is a cell sorter with BD CellView™Image Technology and BD SpectralFX™Technology can be used after training.

In Viikki Aria Fusion sorter up and running

The new Aria Fusion is a 4-laser sorter: violet 405nm, blue 488 nm, yellow-green 561nm, and red 640 nm.

You can analyze and sort up to 16 fluorescence and 2 scatter parameters simultaneously.

You can sort into up to 4 tubes simultaneously or into 96-well plates.

Biomedicum Sony SH800 updated

In Biomedicum the Sony SH800 sorter has been upgraded with two additional lasers (405nm and 638nm) lasers. Detectors and sort options stay the same, but optional filter settings are available and need to be changed when using 405 laser; ask personnel for help and check instrument page. Note! Since the lasers are collinear, fluorochromes with similar emission cannot be detected at the same time (e.g., PerCP and APC). The maximum fluorochrome number is still six but the options are now broader