Biomedicum Flow Cytometry
Specific news and information about services, instruments and trainings in Biomedicum

Visiting address:
Meilahti campus
Biomedicum 1
Haartmaninkatu 8, room B205a, B204a2 and B204b1


Coronavirus situation

Keep the following in mind when visiting us:

  • The lab space is small so as minimum persons as possible: come alone to the instrument you reserved and service users leave samples after introducion if possible
  • Keep the safety distance to other persons in the lab.
  • Do not enter the lab with any symptoms of a cold or flue.
  • Be mindful of good hand hygiene. 
  • Remember the general instructions on coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose.
  • Clean workspace after instrument use.



Want to become an independent user of one of our instruments?

Next User trainings:

BD Accuri
Trainigs are limted

Sony SH800z
Trainigs are limted

Trainigs are limted

If the experiment is important to get started and plans are ready, you can do training request via iLab

Get registered to iLab reservation system in Reservation to request a training. In case of a problem contact Biomedicum Flow Cytometry Unit personnel for more info: flow-unit|at|


Yearly maintenance done to Novocyte Quanteon August 25th and on Aria August 26th, remember to check compensation and settings


Week 52 restricted or no personnel. Happy Holidays!

Keep in mind personnel might also be telecommuting. If you need assistance, please contact flow-unit|at|