Biomedicum Flow Cytometry

Specific news and information about services, instruments and trainings in Biomedicum

Visiting address:
Meilahti campus
Biomedicum 1
Haartmaninkatu 8, room B205 and B204b1


Head of the Biomedicum Unit (Platform chair) Nina Peitsaro, Research Technician Noora Aarnio and Research Assistant Tarja Grundström

Discover S8 now available in Biomedicum

Seminar coming up on February 8th

The instrument has five lasers: Ultra-violet (349nm), Violet (405nm), Blue (488 nm), Yellow-Green (561nm) and Red (638nm) with spectral detectors and 3 imaging optics from blue laser with multiple imaging features. Nozzles sizes available: 85, 100 and 130nm. Cells can be sorted into 1,5 or 2ml micro tubes or 12 x 75 mm tubes and 6-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates (single or multiple cells/well) and standard microscope slides. Depending on the nozzle size, the system can be setup for simultaneous 2-6-way sorting (into tubes).


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In Biomedicum we have 2 Analysers and 4 sorters from user friendly Sony SH800 to image abled spectral sorter Discover S8


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Get registered to iLab reservation system in Reservation to request a training. Personnel will come back to you with suggested dates and times. In case of a problem contact Biomedicum Flow Cytometry Unit personnel for more info: flow-unit|at|

Keep in mind when visiting us
  • Personnel might be telecommuting. If you need assistance, please contact flow-unit|at|
  • In short notice self use cancellations, please contact tarja.grundstrom|at|
  • The lab space is small so as minimum persons as possible. Remember safety distance and guidelines in flue season.
  • Clean workspace after instrument use.