Biomedicum Flow Cytometry

Specific news and information about services, instruments and trainings in Biomedicum

Visiting address:
Meilahti campus
Biomedicum 1
Haartmaninkatu 8, room B205 and B204b1


Keep the following in mind when visiting us
  • The lab space is small so as minimum persons as possible.
  • Keep the safety distance to other persons in the lab.
  • Cancel reservation even in short notice if any symptoms of a cold or flue or wear a face mask.
  • Be mindful of good hand hygiene and remember the general instructions on coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose.
  • Clean workspace after instrument use.

Want to become an independent user of one of our instruments?

Get registered to iLab reservation system in Reservation to request a training. Personnel will come back to you with suggested dates and times. In case of a problem contact Biomedicum Flow Cytometry Unit personnel for more info: flow-unit|at|


Updates coming in autumn


Restricted personnel during summer Holiday time

Keep in mind personnel might also be telecommuting. If you need assistance, please contact flow-unit|at|