Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Pharmacy provides a versatile selection of support for screening projects and follow-up studies:
  • Expertise and support especially for antimicrobial screening, including host-pathogen co-cultures
  • Antibacterial profiling for novel compounds
  • Expertise on using natural products in screening
  • Follow-up studies with organotypic cell models, cellular and vesicular drug transport assays and predictive pharmacokinetic models
  • Computational ADME services, state-of-the-art predictions of pharmacokinetic properties, binding to metabolic proteins or transporters, and prediction of potential liabilities using statistical models developed in-house or available through commercial solutions.
  • Expertise in database handling and machine-learning methods in particular deep-learning technologies
  • Follow-up studies including virtual screening of compound collections using similarity searches, pharmacophore models and docking-based solutions
  • LC/MS analytics for hits identified in in vitro screens and purity analyses of chemical libraries