Contacts - Pharmacy

Visiting address:
Biocenter 2, Viikki campus, University of Helsinki, Viikinkaari 5, E-tower
- 2nd floor (for LS-MS services)
- 4th floor, laboratories 4067, 4068, 4069 and 4080 (for other instruments and services)

Questions concerning instrument access and screening services, technical issues and iLab issues:

- Polina Ilina,

- Kai Puhakainen, (on leave until 1 of August 2024)

Computational ADME services (predictions of pharmacokinetic properties, virtual screening of compound collections using similarity searches, pharmacophore models and docking-based solutions):

- Leo Ghemtio,

LC-MS analytics for hits identified in in vitro screens and purity analyses of chemical libraries:

- Madhushree Bhattacharya,

Questions concerning funding, organizational and other complex issues should be addressed to Prof. Päivi Tammela, the head of the unit: