University teacher Rami Ratvio to lead the development of a new university-wide course on sustainability

A new multidisciplinary course on sustainability will first run during spring semester 2021, with Rami Ratvio leading the team of course developers.

University of Helsinki is planning its own multidisciplinary sustainability course for students of all faculties. The development process will be led by university teacher Rami Ratvio. The project stems from a need to ensure graduates of the university have the skills and knowledge to deal with sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow.

Ratvio invites all university staff and students to join in on the development process. “I appreciate the work faculties, programmes and student organizations have already done on sustainability. I would be happy to acquaint myself with the ongoing sustainability projects” Ratvio says.

The development process will be kicked off with collaborative online workshops. Additionally, the course development team will run workshops across university campuses in spring 2020.

The course development is carried out by the Centre for University Teaching and Learning and Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science.


Further information:

Rami Ratvio, yliopisto-opettaja, FT, puh. 029 4122570,