Funding decisions of the HELSUS call for Fellowships, Seed Funding and Visitors Program have been finalized

Altogether 11 postdoctoral fellow positions for two years each, 3 seed funding projects and 4 international visitors were financed by HELSUS, Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science. The Call was open 22.1.-19.2.2018.

The Call for HELSUS Fellowships, Seed Funding and Visitors Program received 64 eligible applications, which were evaluated based on the announced criteria, by the HELSUS steering committee. Based on this evaluation, the PROFI3 steering committee, comprised of the Deans of the six HELSUS faculties, made the final decisions on the applications to be funded. Impressed by the high quality of fellow applications within the Humanities, the Faculty of Arts decided to increase their initial funding, and thus enable the financing of two outstanding projects. Two of the overall post-doctoral fellows are specifically funded by a donation made to HELSUS for developing sustainability science.


1. Dalia D’Amato-Pihlman, 118 000€

Operationalising ecosystem services in business sustainability: green and circular-bioeconomy

2. Michiru Nagatsu (to recruit Henrik Thorén), 117 000€

Values in Model Integration for Sustainability: Principles, Practices and Problems

Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences (Two post-doctoral fellows)

1. Inari Helle, 120 000€

Oil spills in the Arctic: risks, impacts and tools

2. Mar Cabeza (to recruit Sara Fraixedas), 110 000€

Towards wetland sustainability: operationalizing socio-ecological indicators in Europe

Faculty of Science (One post-doctoral fellow)

1. Enrico Di Minin (to recruit a post-doctoral fellow), 118 000€

Tracking global and local debates on conservation sustainability using social media

Faculty of Arts (Two post-doctoral fellows)

1. Sanna Lehtinen, 117 000€

Aesthetic Sustainability in Urban Transformations: Intergenerational Perspective to Creating Experiential Value

2. Hanna Guttorm, 120 000€

Revitalizing the connection to the Earth: Walking and Becoming Earth

Faculty of Social Sciences (Two post-doctoral Fellows)

1. Markus Kröger (to recruit Ossi Ollinaho), 120 000€

Agroforestry practices and cosmologies as tools of sustainability transformations in Brazil?

2. Tuomas Ylä-Anttila (to recruit Paul Wagner), 120 000€

Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks using Advanced Statistical Network Models

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry (Two post-doctoral Fellows)

1. Nicholas Hogarth, 118 000€

Measuring the contribution of forest and environmental resources to rural livelihoods and SDGs in the Global South

2. Maarit Kallio, 120 000€

Keys to Sustainable Smallholder Forestry in the Global South


The funding was granted to applications, which especially will advance the development of HELSUS.

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

1. John Sumelius, 30 000€

Coordination of multidisciplinary food systems research at the University of Helsinki

2. Jaana Korhonen, 30 000€

Cross-border Innovation Systems in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources: a comparative case study

Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

1. Johan Kotze, 15 000€

Are urban greenspaces safe for nature and humans alike?


The funding is targeted at covering costs of distinguished international scholars in sustainability science for a research visit in HELSUS.

Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

1. Elina Roine 5 000€

For inviting Senior Lecturer Sara Tjossem, Columbia University, SIPA

2. Kaarina Weckström 1 700€

For inviting Professor Pete Langdon, University of Southampton

3. Sari Juutinen, 4 000€

For inviting Associate Professor Margaret Kalacska, McGill University

Faculty of Social Sciences

1. Aili Pyhälä, 4 600€

For inviting Sir Ashish Kothari, Kalpavriksh