Agroecology in the City

Megan Resler is a HELSUS student member and a doctoral researcher in the Department of Geosciences and Geography. In her research, she focuses on urban agroecology, which is a subfield of sustainability sciences.

Urban agroecology is about sustainable food systems in the cities. “Historically agroecology as a discipline has focused on rural agroecosystems”, Resler explains, “but currently there are more people than ever living in the cities, and so in the last few years this new subfield of agroecology has emerged.”

Resler sees a lot of potential in urban agroecology. She describes it as a “transformative alternative to the current agriculture model that rejects the dependency of fossil fuels and rejects the consolidation of power”. There is a need to imagine and design new sustainable food systems that are built on principles such as food sovereignty, justice, resilience, diversity and social equity.

Resler sees that the main possibility of ​urban agroecology research is in making transformative change in the city region. She points out two ways of making the change. They are to investigate closer the institutional frameworks, which hold our current food system in place, and considering different options for how to transition from the current system towards new sustainable futures.

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