Guest seminar 27.3.: Two Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Projects for sustainability and climate change competences

Welcome to a HELSUS guest seminar on 27.3. at 10:00-11:00 in which Maria Dominguez Carrasco presents two Erasmus+ projects: Climate University for Virtual Exchanges (CLUVEX) and UnaEuropa: Virtual Exchanges for Sustainability (UnaVex).

Join the seminar to learn more about two Erasmus+ projects coordinated by INAR at University of Helsinki starting in Autumn:

  • Climate University for Virtual Exchanges (CLUVEX) 
  • UnaEuropa – Virtual Exchanges for Sustainability (UnaVex)

Join via Zoom!

WHAT? Maria Dominguez Carrasco (HELSUS, INAR) presents two Erasmus+ projects that are searching for strategies to minimize climate change and develop sustainable futures through interdisciplinary and multicultural discussions

WHEN? Wednesday 27.3. at 10:00-11:00 

WHERE? Porthania HELSUS Hub Lounge (Yliopistonatu 3, Porthania 2nd floor) & Zoom

The projects are looking for moderators (e.g. PhD and postdoctoral researchers from the University of Helsinki) to help organize the virtual exchange week’s discussions on climate change and sustainability for students from different disciplines.

About the presentation:

Strategies for minimizing climate change and to develop sustainable futures need interdisciplinary and multicultural discussions. Climate University for Virtual Exchanges (CLUVEX) and UnaEuropa – Virtual Exchanges for Sustainability (UnaVEx) aim to create virtual space for youth to discuss and share their experiences on climate change and sustainability. 

CLUVEX and UnaVEx are 3-year projects coordinated by INAR in 2023-2027. CLUVEX will engage students from European and Neighbourhood East universities (Ukraine, Armenia) together, while UnaVEx students from the European universities and African universities in South Africa, Kenya and Democratic Republic of the Congo. During the projects will be organized interactive workshops called “virtual exchange weeks”,  where multidisciplinary students will be engaged in climate competences and sustainability, as well as in interdisciplinary teamwork and soft and green skills. 

The projects' main activity is to provide the student with sciences-based knowledge related to Climate and Sustainability topics, and with tools to help them in understanding climate change problematic and to open moderated discussions in small and international groups. CLUVEX is based on the Climate University MOOCs courses and UnaVEX on the UnaEuropa´s Micro-Credential in sustainability courses.

CLUVEX will open the first call for students to the virtual exchange (1 ECT at the University of Helsinki) already next autumn 2024, where 500 students from the 5 university partners will participate in moderated discussions in small groups (10 students per moderator). Moderators will be educated in technical and soft skills to guarantee a respectful and integrative discussions in their team. Moderators can also have 3-5 credit points at the University of Helsinki through the Project course in atmospheric sciences, ATM-303.

Presenter bio:

Maria Dominguez Carrasco, Lic., former researcher at the Department of Forest Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Project planner at the University of Helsinki, Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) (FI), Secretary of Future Earth Suomi- committee, member of the Atmosphere and Climate  Competence Center (ACCC) and Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Sciences (HELSUS) at the University of Helsinki. She has a multidisciplinary experience in laboratory, and environmental and climate change related research. Currently she is the project manager of the Erasmus+ projects for virtual education in sustainability and climate change. She obtained her Licentiate from the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki, Finland.