The Institute

Urbaria Kaupunkitutkimusinstituutti

The Helsinki Institute of Urban and regional studies will focus on increasingly complex problems of urban development. The interdisciplinary research will engage with both scientific and planning related questions arriving from the challenges of urbanization.  As nearly 90% of our population will, as in the rest of the western world, in the future live in our cities, a major part of all social phenomena, problems and positive amenities will take on an urban form.  The research will focus on three interlinking but distinctive fields that form the basis of the main clusters in the institute: people, places and politics.

The Institute is a joint division of three faculties of the University of Helsinki (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences) and an integral part of the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS). The main tasks are to conduct, develop and coordinate urban research and teaching within the University of Helsinki. It is especially responsible for coordinating the international Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning (USP). The Institute closely cooperates with Aalto University and the cities of the Helsinki Capital Region, paying special attention to their joint initiative Urban Academy.