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The researchers of Urbaria are top experts in their academic fields, ready to address questions related to urban and regional studies. The expertise of urban researchers at the University of Helsinki extends from the urban environment to urban communities and built environment planning. Using the list of keywords below, you can directly contact the best suiting expert.

Terhi Ainiala

Senior university lecturer

Onomastics (the study of names), Urban culture, Regional identity, Linguistic layers in the urban environment

+358503185251, +358294140019

Pia Bäcklund


Human geography, Urban development, Urban politics, Urban planning, Citizen participation

+358503304127, +358294151547

Kris Clarke

Associate Professor

Urban socialwork, Decolonization, Social memory and place

+358504322477, +358294124562

Veikko Eranti

Assistant Professor

Urban sociology, Cultural sosiology, Urban sosiology, Citizen participation

+358504604646, +358294123946

Henrietta Grönlund


Urban teology, Citizen engagement, communities in cities, Sosiology of Religion

+358503148772, +358294123472, 0294123472, 0503148772

Sofie Henricson

Associate Professor

Sociolinguistics, Linguistics, Multilingualism, Linguistic urban activism

+358505147385, +358294121778

Tuomo Hiippala

Associate Professor

Multilingualism, linguistic landscapes, digital linguistics

+358503773366, +358294123416

Brendan Humphreys

Senior Researcher

Political history, Antropology, World politics, Changes in urban setting

Marina Khmelnitskaya

Visiting Researcher

Political science, Social policy, Housing Policy, Urban development, Eurasian studies

Nilay Kilinç

Postdoctoral Researcher

high-skilled migration, labour market integration, urban inequality, Turkey-EU, identity and belonging, housing policy

+358503419591, +358294124796

Laura Kolbe


City History and Urban Planning History, Cultural Heritage in Cities, Urban City Events and Civic Organization Activity, Cultural Values and Conservation of the Built Environment, History of Local Politics, Municipal Politics Today

+358 50 3182799

Mika Mäkelä


Urban history, Urban planning, Cartography


Jussi Pakkasvirta


Regional studies, Latin America, Cultural studies, Globalisation

+358500566559, +358294123795

Florencia Quesada Avendaño

Associate Professor

Urban studies, Urban history, Latin America, Segregation

Haoxuan Sa

Postdoctoral Researcher

Urban geography, housing policy, land policy, immigration, property rights

+358504487299, +358294124609

Riina Sinisalo

Doctoral Researcher

Sosiology of religion, Urban theology, Social urban space

Pekka Tuominen

Senior research fellow

Resident participation, Segregation, Urban culture, Suburbs

+358505745435, +358294123982

Mari Vaattovaara


Urban geography, Urban policy, Urban planning, Gentrification, Segregation and Suburbs

+358504154861, +358294150776

Jani Varpa

Doctoral Researcher

Consumption research, Urban culture, Citizen participation in cities, Social pyschology

Alina Wernick

Principal Investigator

Legal studies, Human rights issues in smart cities

Xenia Zeiler


South Asian studies, Digital culture, Media studies

+358504482713, +358294123371

Erik Andersson


Urban ecology, Landscape ecology, Green infrastructures, Regional and urban planning, Ecosystem services, Environmental policy, Sustainability studies, Co-production of knowledge

+358294157707, +358503034991

Basile Finand

Postdoctoral Researcher

Urban ecology, Biodiversity, Evolutionary biology, Entomology

+358505638535, +358294157887

Johan Kotze

Senior University Lecturer

Urban ecology, Urban ecosystems, Entomology (the study of insects), Urban forests, Conservation biology

+358503160576, +358294120308

Ian MacGregor-Fors


Urban ecology, Urban biodiversity, Human acyion and urban environment, Ornitology (the study of birds)

+358504360419, +358294157847

Mika Saarenpää

Doctoral Researcher

Biochemistry, Cell and molecular biology, Microbiology. The impact of microbes on human, Human-environment relationship, Environmental sciences

+358505700496, +358294120318

Heikki Setälä


Urban ecology, Ecosystem services, Land use, Soil ecology, Environmental pollution

+358 50 5408094

Bodo Steiner


Urban food systems, urban farming, local food supply chains, social capital and local communities

+358503116118, +358294158513

Stephen Venn

Principal Investigator

Urban ecology, Conservation biology, Ecosystem services, The impact of environment on human health, Entomology (the study of insects)

+358919157918, +358503794428

Elif Erdoğan Öztekin

Postdoctoral Researcher

Urban sustainability and Sustainability transition, Citizen engagement, Sustainable planning, Urban policy

David Flood

Doctoral Researcher

Visual Culture, Aesthetics and technology, Urban technology, Urban studies, Experiences of urban environment and technology

Petteri Muukkonen

University Lecturer

Geoinformatics, Urban planning, Health geography, Transportation in cities

+358504489195, +358294150775

Laura Ruotsalainen


AI based simulations for sustainable smartcity traffic

+358505560761, +358294151266

Niharika Singh

Postdoctoral Researcher

Computer science, Urban planning, Air quality in cities and its modeling, Artificial intelligence

Tuomas Väisänen

Doctoral Researcher

Geoinformatics, Multilingualism and urban diversity, Big data, Urban geography