In students’ own words

What is it like to pursue studies in veterinary medicine?

First year of studies 

In the first year of studies, students focus on learning the structures and functions of a healthy animal body. Practical training already begins in the autumn in the form of anatomy dissections and laboratory work. A lot of time is spent in the dissection room in particular. While this is a cause for anxiety for many, they get used to it quickly. In addition, students delve into the world of microscopy, examining body structures in histological samples, too. At the end of the academic year, the focus is on issues pertaining to the welfare and behaviour of various animal species. 

What was the best thing in the first year of studies? (thoughts from students of the C-77 class) 

“Grasping anatomy in real life in the dissecting room after learning about it in theory.” 

“I personally liked the optional foal care course, as it gives you the chance to already get practising in the first year.” 

“The best thing is getting more specific descriptions for things learned in general upper secondary school.” 

“For me, the best thing has been noticing that I’ve just gradually learned things along the way after worrying all year that I might just be not very good and not learn anything. If you really think about it, you do actually know a lot of stuff! Latin is no longer totally unfamiliar to me, I can make sense of anatomy books and I even know much more about production animals compared to orientation week in the autumn.” 

“It’s been super nice to see how our professors care about our learning and how helpful they are, and interested, even though they’ve been giving the same lectures for years.” 

In students’ own words – Degree Programme in Veterinary Medicine 

Students of the Degree Programme in Veterinary Medicine talk about, among other things, what made them choose the programme, what the best aspects of their studies and studying are, what kind of employment opportunities there are after graduation and how they spend their free time. Finally, they share their best tips on preparing to apply to the degree programme.  (Video is in Finnish only)