Faculty teaching facilities

Studying takes place primarily on Viikki Campus, but studies in production animal medicine are also completed at the Saari Clinic in Mäntsälä. The studies include traineeship periods completed outside the Faculty in other locations.

Studies in veterinary medicine begin in Building EE in Viikki, which houses the Walter lecture room, named after a pioneer in milk hygiene, well-equipped course laboratories as well as the anatomy and pathology dissection rooms – and several research laboratories specialising in different veterinary fields, which will become familiar to many students as they complete their theses. 

On the other side of the campus, the Clinicum building houses the Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Small Animal Hospital and Equine Hospital. The Production Animal Hospital is located in Mäntsälä. One of the primary uses of these facilities is the provision of clinical instruction. 

On Viikki Campus, you can also get to know students of agriculture and forestry, biosciences, pharmacy and environmental sciences – and of course the cows at the University’s research farm! 

Teaching facilities

Lectures, groupwork and seminars are organised in the lecture rooms and other facilities of Building EE, Clinicum and other buildings on the large Viikki Campus. Teaching in production animal medicine is also provided in the facilities of the Saari unit. 

The well-equipped teaching laboratories in Viikki’s Building EE are used for completing assignments in various veterinary disciplines: microscopic anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, virology, bacteriology, meat inspection, food hygiene and environmental health. The dissection rooms located downstairs familiarise students with the anatomy of healthy animals and the changes caused by diseases. 

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital is the only veterinary hospital for all animal species in Finland and a top-level unit of veterinary care. The Small Animal Hospital and the Equine Hospital are located in Viikki, Helsinki, while the Saari Clinic is located in Mäntsälä. The Veterinary Teaching Hospital is a teaching hospital where fifth-year students of veterinary medicine are trained in practical skills through participation in patient care together with licensed veterinarians. The Veterinary Teaching Hospital also serves as a training provider for specialising veterinarians. 

Viikki Campus