About us

Our Faculty is the primary expert body in veterinary medicine in Finland. We operate and have an impact as an integral part of society by offering expertise and solutions based on research for the benefit of all.

We are the only institution in Finland to train veterinarians for the changing needs of society. Our expertise and the education based on it ensure the health and welfare of animals, humans and the environment. Our Faculty’s operations are strongly founded on the promotion of the One Health concept.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine operates on Viikki Campus and in the village of Saari in the municipality of Mäntsälä.


The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has built a profile in the healthcare, treatment and welfare of animals as well as in food safety assurance. We focus on the interaction between the health of animal and human populations in a rapidly changing environment.

Year 2023
We safeguard the health and welfare of animals and humans