BD FACSAria II Cell Sorter at Division of Veterinary Biosciences

BD FACSAria II Cell Sorter can be used for high-performance sorting of cells and other particles.
The cell sorter is located at the EE building (Agnes Sjöbergin katu 2), 4th floor, lab 4091.

For flow cytometry analysis without sorting, we recommend using an analytical flow cytometer. See Biocenter Flow Cytometry for analytical instruments in Viikki.

Lasers and detectors available

Please see the current specifications


How to get started

The instrument can be used by trained personnel. Documented earlier use of a cell sorter or user training for sorting provided by BD or other expert institution are valid qualifications.We can provide training for users without earlier training or experience. There is also limited possibility of sorting as service.

See training and service options & practical instructions for new users for details.


Helsinki University users are charged 30€/hour, and other users are charged 60€/hour, based on the user log of the FACSDiva software (starting when you log in the software and ending when you log out). The fees for user training per hour will consist of the instrument charge and a teaching fee (30 e/h).
Basic solutions (FACS Flow etc.) and basic disposables (test tubes, cell strainers, CS&T beads) are provided.

Using the instrument

You are required to master the instrument to be allowed to use it independently. Before start we will provide all users practical guidance for working in of the flow lab and create a FACSDiva user account for you. Registered users also get an access to a net based reservation calendar. Please also note our rules for FACSARia users (.pdf). For your convenience, brief operating instructions are provided here. 

Information for FACSAria users

Important rules

  • The user takes care that the fluid tanks are full and the waste container is empty. Also remember to release the pressure in the sheath tank after shutdown.
  • If you notice any of the solutions or disposables running low in the lab, immediately inform the staff.
  • When you change the waste tank, add Virkon and leave to stand at least overnight. Pour the waste into the sink in the next lab and rinse.
  • Always filter your samples through the Cell strainers provided, preferably shortly before loading them into the instrument.
  • Always run the daily performance check.
  • If you make any special changes to the settings, change filters etc., please return the setup to the state it was when you started.
  • Before fluidics shutdown, run milliQ water as the last "sample" for a few minutes.
  • As the last step in fluidics shutdown, use 70% ethanol as the final cleaning solution.
  • Remember to take copies of all you data (including the fcs files) with you in an USB flash drive etc., as no backups will be made.


  • In case of blockage, or other technical problems during the run, refer to the troubleshooting section of the manual or contact the staff.
  • Report any problems, shortages in the lab etc. by email or at least write a note in the logbook
  • Please contact the FACSAria administration by sending an email to facsaria-admin [ät]

The FACSAria users' mailing list

To receive notifications concerning FACSAria users, subscribe to our users' mailing list by sending an email to, with no subject, and "subscribe facsaria-viikki [ät]" as the message body.

The FACSAria team

Technical staff (buffers, disposables):
Kati Holmsten

Academic staff (administration):
Sami Junnikkala
Tiina Pessa-Morikawa (user training and consultation)