Veterinary biosciences

We investigate the development and functioning of the body, its interactions with microbes as well as animal and human diseases.

Research topics in the discipline include the development of the bovine immune system, the developmental physiology of the brain and the nervous system, responses of the body and host-microbe interaction, G protein-mediated cell signalling, hereditary canine and feline diseases and traits, zoonotic infectious diseases as well as veterinary pathology, parasitology and the anatomy of production animals and wildlife. The research conducted at the department is multi- and cross-disciplinary.

Many of our researchers work under the Helsinki One Health research network.

    Helsinki One Health (HOH) is a research network that was established to support and coordinate research on the shared health issues of humans and animals at the University of Helsinki. The network focuses on the interaction between the health of animal and human populations in a rapidly changing environment. It encourages various fields and professions to work together for the resolution of new health problems that affect the whole of humankind and animal populations.

    We offer all researchers the following HiLIFE research infrastructures
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