One Health research

One Health is one of the focus areas in veterinary research. The concept stems from the idea that the health of humans and animals are linked to not only each other, but also to the environment, where the changes taking place have a significant impact on health.

Helsinki One Health is a research network that was established to support and coordinate research at the University of Helsinki on the shared health issues of humans and animals.

Research themes

  • Food safety
  • Translational health research – interspecies disease models
  • Animal health and welfare

The Helsinki One Health network (HOH) seeks new phenomena related to human and animal health, and investigates the transmission of diseases between species. Examples of research topics include the control of antimicrobial resistance and resistant pathogens in food production chains, the increasingly effective utilisation of dogs (which share many diseases with humans) as human disease models, as well as research on the inheritance of diseases in bred animal species and related welfare effects.