Russian language and literature

Russian language and literature encompasses research topics ranging from historical linguistics and general linguistic theory to sociological phenomena of the contemporary language, and from the analysis of literary works by individual authors to the fundamental questions of literature and descriptions of entire periods.

In linguistics, the research focus areas include

  • Functional grammar, where the starting point is meaning expressed through language
  • Corpus-based morphology and syntax studies
  • Comparative study of the Finnish and Russian languages that can be used to, for example, explain difficult Russian linguistic phenomena to Finnish students
  • Bilingualism and the special characteristics of Russian spoken in Finland
  • Spoken language and discourse analysis

Digital material, such as the Russian National Corpus and the Integrum database, as well as voice and video recordings produced through field research, are utilised in abundance in research, theses and dissertations. The Slavonic Library of the National Library of Finland is an important partner.

In literary and cultural studies, the focus areas are

  • Russian modernism and avant-garde
  • Contemporary Russian literature
  • Russian literary and cultural theory
  • Finno-Russian cultural contacts
  • Russian popular culture.
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