Greek language and literature

Greek language and literature examines the ancient Greek language, literature and culture, as well as research focused on them and their residual effects. Classical Greek language and literature have a central place in the discipline, from the earliest written sources to the Roman Empire.

Research topics cover classical Greek culture in a comprehensive manner, particularly as regards language, literature and documentary sources.

Focus areas include

  • Papyrology (study of Greek-language papyri)
  • Epigraphy (study of Greek-language epigraphs)
  • Linguistics, particularly language contacts, bi- and multilingualism, language variation
  • Greek religion and rituals, dedications
  • Humanist Greek

Both field-specific and multidisciplinary methods are applied in the research. In addition to primary sources and printed scientific publications, digital datasets, software and tools are utilised. The discipline is conducting close cooperation with several Finnish and international research communities.

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