English philology

English philology is focused on the special characteristics and linguistic variety of the English language, as well as the literature and cultures of English-speaking regions. Objects for examination and analysis include modern English, as well as the historical evolution of the English language from its early stages to its current status as a lingua franca. The spectrum of research topics is wide, and research conducted in the discipline is of a high international standard.

Research in English literature at the University of Helsinki is the most comprehensive and diverse of its kind in Finland. Particular strengths include modern (American, British, Irish and postcolonial) literature, early modern literature, women’s literature, narratology, cognitive literature studies and literary theory.

The University of Helsinki is internationally known for active research in the field of English philology. Central research themes include

  • The study of the history, language contacts, variation and change of the English language
  • The compilation of electronic corpora of the English language, corpus studies and digital editions
  • The status of the English language as a lingua franca
  • The study of English-language literature from the 16th century to today through the application of narrative, postcolonial and cognitive trends, for example.
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