Asian languages

Research topics related to Asian languages (Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Urdu) range from historical and general linguistics to language use and the relationship between language and society, and from the analysis of literary works by individual authors to the fundamental questions of comparative literature and descriptions of entire periods.

 In linguistics, the research focus areas include

  • Phonetics, phonology, syntax and pragmatics (Korean)
  • Discourse analysis (e.g., Korean literature, drama and film; legal and judicial language in Japan; media representation in Japan, Japanese as heritage language)
  • Style and register, linguistic politeness
  • Minority languages of China and linguistic variation in Chinese
  • Acquisition of the Chinese writing system
  • Language documentation
  • Contrastive linguistics
  • Translation (from Japanese to Finnish)
  • Teaching Asian languages as foreign languages and language acquisition
  • Language teacher education and professional development 
  • The evolution of Hindi and Urdu, including related political and social factors
  • Language endangerment and revitalisation
  • Language contacts and attitudes
  • Language (education) policy

Additionally, research focus areas at the intersection of linguistics, literature and culture include

  • Language and popular culture
  • Consumer culture and media in Japan
  • Sufi poetry and ritual context
  • Cognitive poetics and Urdu and Persian poetry
  • Persian literature in India

Teaching and research in Asian languages is closely linked to the study of East and South Asian cultures and societies and multilingualism.

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