The Master’s Programme in Theoretical and Computational Methods gives you an excellent basis for postgraduate studies or for a career outside the Academia in Finland or internationally.

Usually, Masters of Science employed within research and R&D in industries are well paid. On the other hand, a career at the university or a research institute, lets you carry out free academic research on a topic of your own choosing.

Career services

Studies are part of your career. At the University of Helsinki, all degrees include career planning. The Career Services at the University of Helsinki, in cooperation with degree programmes, supports the growth of your expert identity as part of your studies and with separate services.

From the start of your studies until one year after the completion of your degree, the Career Services supports your career path.

Career Services  

  • gives career counselling and job seeking support
  • arranges info sessions, workshops and events
  • provides suitable job and traineeship offers for students
  • shares university’s subsidy for traineeships and  
  • facilitates group mentoring programmes.

Check out the Career Services on the Instructions for students “Work and Career” and “Traineeships”. 

Career prospects

The Master’s degree in Science applying theoretical and computational methods gives you an excellent basis for postgraduate studies or for careers outside Academia in Finland or internationally. Usually, Masters of Science employed within research and R&D in industry are well paid. 

As a graduate with an MSc degree you could embark on a career in:

  • Industry, especially advanced technology corporations (applied research and R&D, leadership)
  • Universities and research institutes abroad and in Finland (basic scientific research)
  • Teaching in universities and universities of applied sciences
  • Software engineering, e.g. gaming industry
  • Various design and consultation jobs in the public and private sectors

Masters of Science employed within research and R&D within industries are usually well paid.  Graduates of similar programmes in the earlier degree system have found employment as

  • researchers and teachers in universities and research institutes in Finland and abroad (e.g. CERN, ESA, NASA), 
  • in administration (e.g. the Finnish Academy), and
  • in private corporations.

The strong analytical skills provided by the education are sought after in areas such as

  • data analysis (industries, media companies, gaming industry, finance), and
  • corporate research, product development, and consultation (e.g. Nokia, Ericsson, Apple, Sanoma, Spinverse, Supercell, Nielsen, Valo Research and Trading, Planmeca, Reaktor, Comptel, Vaisala, KaVo Kerr Group, IndoorAtlas and Goldman Sachs).
Improve your career options with Finnish

Although it is easy for international students to get by with English in the Helsinki region, learning Finnish will significantly improve your career options after graduation.

The University of Helsinki offers free Finnish language courses for enrolled international degree students. The beginners and intermediate level courses are not only a way to learn the language, but you also learn more about Finnish culture and get to network with other international students across the fields.

Information about the Finnish courses for international students in the Instructions for students.

Doctoral education

After completing an upper university degree, you can apply for doctoral programmes both at the University of Helsinki and at other top international universities. Some of the suitable doctoral programmes at the University of Helsinki are:

For more information on doctoral programmes at the University of Helsinki, please see doctoral education.

Alumni of the Uni­versity of Helsinki

After graduation, the world is wide open and full of possibilities. How can you venture forward to make the career path you want? What kind of work would you like to do? What kind of life should you lead? The Helsinki alumni community is there to support you as you transition from the University to the world of work.

All previous University of Helsinki degree and exchange students, as well as staff, are our alumni. As a member of the University of Helsinki alumni network, Finland’s largest network of experts, you get valuable support, knowledge and contacts for your working life.

More information about the Helsinki alumni community and its activities.

Find alumni of the University of Helsinki on Linkedin.