Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences

The Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences educates the next generation of top-level atmospheric scientists and experts with all the necessary multidisciplinary skills to tackle the future challenges of climate change, air quality matters and environmental technologies. The supra disciplinary education will enable those experts to serve at different challenging positions in society and industry. Beside classical curriculum skills and knowledge, the education on the state-of-the-art measurement technologies (laboratory, ground-based and remote sensing), data-analysis and modelling (from box models to Earth system models) are emphasized.
Did you know?

The Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences is an interdisciplinary programme of the study of the atmosphere and its interactions with ecosystems, human activities, waterways and soils. The research in the program includes theory, laboratory and field measurements, development of measuring instruments, use of remote sensing methods, data analysis and modeling from process models to global models.

The multidisciplinary nature of the program enables students to gain new and broader perspectives on their research and to interact with researchers from diverse disciplines in an internationally respected scientific community.

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In international comparisons, research in the atmospheric sciences at the University of Helsinki ranks among the leading European universities and close to the top 50 in the world. In 2019, our atmospheric sciences placed 11 in the Shanghai Rankings.
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