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When you intend to recruit a trainee, are looking for summer workers, want to propose a subject for a Master’s thesis or would like to increase your visibility among University students, the unit for Career Services is your first point of contact. Employer cooperation can take many forms. Please feel free to contact us.

The University of Helsinki has started using the JobTeaser service. In the service, you can still post job and traineeship advertisements and thesis proposals to the university free of charge! 

You can choose to either post your advertisement only to the University of Helsinki or post it also to eight other universities simultaneously. The service will also be used by the universities of Tampere, Turku, Jyvväskylä and Eastern Finland as well as Hanken School of Economics, LUT University and Aalto University. 

Advertisements posted via the current Aarresaari service will be visible to students until the end of the application period. Further information regarding the changes in posting job and traineeship advertisements is available on the website of the Aarresaari network (Career Services of the Network of Finnish Universities), which will also be renewed at the end of November. 

Employer’s JobTeaser account 

You can create your own account in the service. The account allows posting advertisements to universities and monitoring the status of your advertisements, such as if the advertisement has been published or rejected. Opening the advertisement will show how many times it has been viewed. There may be changes to the targeting of the advertisement to specific universities because universities can remove an advertisement from their view if it does not fit with their educational fields or publishing terms. You can also copy an old advertisement and publish it again. 

Visibility with an employer profile 

An employer profile is a 24/7 virtual showcase for those interested in visibility among the students of the University of Helsinki. The profile enables introducing your organisation, highlighting its values and culture as well as marketing job and traineeship positions. You can present your activities with videos and direct students to your own content via links. An extensive profile allows marketing events, traineeship programs and publishing news about your organisation, among other things. 

If you are interested, contact Career Services!
Email: employerservices(at)helsinki.fi

About JobTeaser 

Our partner JobTeaser is a French company. More than 700 institutions of higher education and universities all over Europe use the service. The company also offers paid services, such as announcements and an employer profile which provides visibility with a single click in either all of the institutions of higher education that use the JobTeaser service or only the ones you select. If you are interested in more comprehensive visibility, you can contact JobTeaser directly. There is a contact person for Finnish marketing. More information about JobTeaser.

The majority of University of Helsinki students complete a traineeship as part of their studies.

For the employer, the traineeship provides up-to-date information about the content and quality of university education. In addition, they will of course gain the benefit of the student’s work output. Traineeships may also be an efficient recruiting channel, since many students will continue working for the same employer after a successful traineeship.

Many kinds of work tasks are suitable for trainees. Students possess a wide variety of skills; in addition to the specialised knowledge from their own field of study, university education develops the most common skills required in the workplace, such as language skills, methodological skills and the capability of internalising new information.

Trainees can, for example, perform duties related to marketing and communications, such as social media communications, website development, content planning, content production or event communications. Students’ expertise can also be utilised in various research and survey tasks. Trainee duties must be expert duties allowing the trainees to apply their education as much as possible. The duties must provide an opportunity to learn new things.

The trainee’s salary for full-time employment must meet the minimum wage under the conditions for employment set by Kela, the Finnish Social Insurance Institution of Finland, if no collective agreement exists for the field. The University of Helsinki participates in the funding of students’ paid traineeships: if the employer is unable to pay the required trainee salary in its entirety, the student may apply for traineeship subsidy from the University to make up for the salary costs. Read more about the University’s traineeship subsidy.  

  • The average duration of a traineeship is three months.
  • Open traineeships will be published on JobTeaser (advertisement posted before 25th of November are published on Rekrynet).
  • Write a good and clear announcement. See tips how to to do that.
  • The traineeship can also be offered to international students. If this is the case, the advertisement should be written in English.
  • We will not publish announcements for unpaid traineeships. We reserve the right to not publish positions which are not suitable for our students.
  • The trainee must have an appointed supervisor at the host organisation. See tips for traineeship supervision.

Information about traineeship cooperation with the University of Helsinki.

See frequently asked questions about traineeships.

Read more:

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The University of Helsinki’s JobTeaser -portal reaches students and recent graduates who are seeking work that corresponds to their education. Students are primarily looking for summer jobs or short-term, part-time deputy positions and projects which can be completed alongside studies. Graduates are suitable for more challenging positions.

The University of Helsinki has 11 faculties, with teaching in more than 300 disciplines. Our competence and expertise extends to a wide variety of fields. Find out more about the University’s Programmes in English.

  • We will publish your advertisement within a few days of submission.
  • If you want to reach the international talent at the University, write the advertisement in English. The University has more than 31,000 students, of whom 1850 are international students (2018).
  • Advertsiments will be published on JobTeaser portal (the advertisements posted before 25th of November are published on Rekrynet).
  • We reserve the right to refrain from publishing job advertisements which are not suitable for our students.

The University of Helsinki has adopted the job and traineeship listing system JobTeaser with the Aarresaari-network. The Aarresaari website features guidelines for advertisers and and the database. You can also use the service to announce the open position to other universities.

Research and survey projects are excellent examples of work that could be commissioned as a Master's thesis. For the student, the Master’s thesis is proof of their skills and constitutes a coherent whole with a distinct research question, goal, scope and schedule.

Thesis cooperation is conducted in all fields, and partners can be found in a wide range of employer sectors.

  • You can advertise a thesis subject to students on JobTeaser (advertisements posted before the 25th of November 2020 will published on Rekrynet). Students will contact you directly if they are interested in the subject and it is applicable to their studies. The students will arrange with the department to have the thesis subject and commission approved.
  • Funding options: employment, fee or invoice, if the student is an entrepreneur or self-employed. The University of Helsinki does not employ a deed process or foundation which could be used to fund a commissioned Master's thesis. More information about funding options.

Recruiting staff is the most valuable investment a company can make. By taking part in the Helsinki UNI International Trainee Programme your company is offered a unique chance to get to know the international talents at the University of Helsinki. Join the programme and find a trainee, consultant or future employee.

HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme

  • A six month mentoring programme where companies and international students get to know each other
  • A great way for a company to try internationalization and to create a positive employer brand
  • The programme enables students to build important networks to the Finnish labour market, bringing with them the latest knowledge.

What does the programme require?

  • The company gets to choose students to its mentoring group.
  • The company representative participates in the kick-off and closing events
  • The company commits to organizing 3–5 meet-ups during the programme. Themes for the meet-ups can include a company presentation, the latest trends in the field and current competency requirements.Getting to know the students and discovering their potential is an important theme.
  • When the programme is finished, companies are very welcome but not obliged to continue cooperating with the students.

The programme will start in December 2020 and end in May 2021. Participating companies will be selected during spring and summer 2020.  The registration period has been extended until September 11, 2020. The programme is intended for companies and organisations operating in Finland.    

More information and registration:

Want to learn more? Please contact: 

University of Helsinki,  Career Services
Project Specialist, Anna Storgårds
mobile: 050 4154595
email: careerservices@helsinki.fi

There are annual recruitment events organized at the Campuses of University of Helsinki.

Career Services organizes Think Career –events in cooperation with employers and other collaborators, focusing on introducing career opportunities and job search skills for our students.


It is important that students learn about and network in the labour market during their studies.

Career Services organises career training events for students during the academic terms. These events give the stage to partners of Career Services.

Themes of such events have included the use of social media in job seeking and electronic job seeking.

The partner organisation has chosen an area of its expertise which it would like to introduce to students. The intention is not to present the company.

The event has also benefitted partners through visibility.

Events may be organised at Think Corner, which is open to the public, as well as on different campuses.