Alumni Fellow

Alumni Fellow strengthens meaningful interaction between the university and its alumni

Interaction between the University of Helsinki and its alumni is important, as it makes it possible to make teaching even better and research even more diverse, as well as to increase the impact of the University. In fact, the aim of the Alumni Fellow programme is to engender interactive discourse between the University and alumni, in addition to inspiring students to consider the future together with key influencers from various fields.

Alumni invited to the Alumni Fellow programme can choose a way of contributing that suits them best. Under the programme, alumni have an opportunity, for example, to take part in developing the University's teaching or stakeholder and partnership activities, offer their expertise in support of students, and serve as advocates of the University’s objectives.

Vice-Rector Hanna Snellman, who is in charge of public engagement, is pleased with the new initiative and the opportunities it provides.

“Alumni of the University of Helsinki often work as influencers and experts in various sectors of society. Their views and ideas enrich the University's activities and support its development into an even better institution. The Alumni Fellow programme adds a new kind of structure and orderliness to this interaction.”

A chance to make an impact and network

Alumni who are recognised reformers and influencers of their own field will be invited to the Alumni Fellow programme, which gives them a chance to be inspired and network with the University management, top-level researchers, students and other alumni influencers. In addition, the invitees will receive an annual subscription to Yliopisto magazine and invitations to University events. Participants will also get to share their career stories and, through them, inspire students.

Vice-Rector Snellman believes the experience will be both eye-opening and impressive for alumni.

“The programme is a channel through which alumni have an opportunity to make their opinion on important matters known. At the same time, they get to meet both top-level researchers and students, which may also give them new ideas and contacts.”