Alumni benefits

Here you can find some of the alumni benefits.
You can find more alumni benefits at Helsinki Alumni Hub.
Reduced price at Unisport

Alumni, welcome to UniSport! As a member of the Helsinki Alumni community you will get UniSport training card at a reduced price (15-20% off the normal price depending on the length of the training card).

If you have graduated less than two years ago, you get the training card at the inexpensive staff rate. You can use this discount once.

You get the discount by registering to Helsinki Alumni Hub and verifying your identity at the UniSport customer service.

Make sure life isn’t all about work or studies and remember to exercise as well, take care of yourself, eat right and relax in good company! UniSport offers top-of-the-range exercise, sports and wellbeing services on six campuses. UniSport facilities help you embark on a new exercise regime or challenge yourself by taking up a new sport.

Reserve a meeting room for alumni

You can book the alumni room on the 2nd floor (room 2024) of Kaisa Library for a meeting, group work or open discussion.
You can book the alumni room for two hours at a time on Mon-Fri between 4 - 8 pm and on Sat 11 am - 5 pm in Helsinki Alumni Hub.

Note! If you want to rent the Alumni room during the day, contact the Kaisa Library. For more information: hulib-tilavaraukset[at]

Alumni email address

After you graduate from the University of Helsinki or end your employment with the University, you will no longer be entitled to use your email.

If you register as an alumnus or alumna, you can start using the alumni email address, which is of the format Please note that the alumni email address is a redirection address and it is not connected to your address: it does not contain a mailbox, and your old emails will not be forwarded there.

If you are applying for a new address you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You are a current or former University of Helsinki degree student or a former University of Helsinki employee.
  2. You have registered to the Helsinki Alumni community
  3. You agree to adhere to the alumni email address terms of use. Read the terms of use here.

We will inform you when your alumni email address is ready to use.

Apply for the alumni email address in Helsinki Alumni Hub.