For recent graduates

After graduation, the world is wide open and full of possibilities. How can you venture forward to make the career path you want? What kind of work would you like to do? What kind of life should you lead? The alumni community is here to support you as you transition from the University to the world of work. Explore our services and events, and meet other alumni who can help you find your own path.
From the University to the career track

We like to welcome recent graduates into the Helsinki Alumni community with a relaxed evening event focussing on career skills. From the University to the career track is an event where alumni with interesting and varied careers talk about their career paths and give you useful tips for navigating the world of work.

 The evening will also feature free-form discussion, giving you the opportunity to exchange experiences with other recent graduates and ask any questions you may have regarding jobseeking, career planning and employment in general.

“It was really interesting to hear about the experiences other recent graduates have had while applying for work. Another positive feature was that there were people there who work in recruitment. They gave us important points and tips, for example on what to highlight in a job application.”

“Inspiring conversations and useful ideas, networking is so important when looking for work.”

We organise these events twice a year. Check the events calendar for the next From the University to the career track!


Coach Café career evenings

Coach Café evenings allow students and newly graduated alumni and more experienced alumni to meet in a relaxed setting for a few hours.

Students receive support, tips and coaching from the alumni, while alumni learn about students’ career expectations and current study programmes, and can connect with their alma mater.

Depending on the speakers, participants and themes, the evening sessions can take the form of small-group discussions or a more informal exchange of experiences and views over a cup of coffee.

Find information on upcoming career events under the Events section for alumni activities!

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