International alumni network

There are over 200 000 University of Helsinki alumni around the world. This wide multidisciplinary network gives plenty of opportunities for alumni to network and stay in connection with the home university.

How our alumni best can find each other and activate their connections to the University of Helsinki? Below you can find a short introduction to our international alumni clubs which have been established to support this.

University of Helsinki has internationalization as one of the core elements. Our alumni are active influencers and valuable partners to the university. We invest in international cooperation also through alumni activities. Together with our alumni we want to plan and implement interesting and meaningful content for our alumni network.


International Alumni Clubs are networks, which the alumni have established abroad in cooperation with the University of Helsinki. The clubs gather alumni from all fields to network, keep alive the University of Helsinki bond, make new friends and develop oneself in a great Helsinki Alumni network. Through International Alumni Club activities you will keep yourself updated on hot topics of research and education, can together with like-minded alumni develop your professional skills, ideate new cooperation possibilities and have fun.

International Alumni Clubs make it possible to participate alumni activities regardless of where you are. The University of Helsinki currently has alumni activities in Brussels, Berlin, China, Stockholm and London.

Examples of club activities

  • Science and practice meet: event on current topic, gathering researchers and alumni to discuss
  • Unique cooperation and work-life contacts: club organizing visits to organizations where their local alumni work in, or joint cultural and science event visits
  • Networking lounces, breakfasts and after work events

Would you like to join one of the existing international alumni clubs? Or would you like to have alumni club in your region? If the area where you live in has a vast amount of University of Helsinki alumni and you would like to initiate Helsinki Alumni network there, please contact our alumni team through alumni(at)