Call for tracks (Open)

The Call for Tracks is now open (DL 16.10) and the Call for papers will be published when tracks are finalized.

Please submit your track proposal at this link by October 16th: Proposal formats can be viewed at We expect the Call for Papers to be published by October 31st.

The following topics constitute staples of Macromarketing conferences and examine the varied interactions among markets, marketing and society. If you're interested in co-chairing these tracks, please be in touch with the chairs from 2023 (listed in the CfP from 2023, see link above):

  • Cultural (Digital) Phenomena, Markets and Marketing Systems
  • Discovering the Market and Nation/alism Intersectionality
  • Ethics, Equity, and Social Justice
  • Externalities
  • Food Marketing
  • Globalisation, (Neo)Colonialism, and Marketing
  • Historical Research in Marketing Track
  • Macromarketing Measurements and Methods
  • Macromarketing Pedagogy
  • One Young World
  • Quality of Life and Wellbeing
  • Revisiting Government’s Role in Provisioning: Observations through a Macromarketing Lens
  • Social Conflicts and Market Dynamics
  • Social Marketing for Global Change: Aligning Social Marketing with the UN SDGs
  • Sustainability and Climate Change

We're also looking forward to tracks including but definitely not limited to the following topics:

  • AI and Macromarketing
  • Brand Activism
  • Circular Economy
  • Citizen Involvement for Democracy
  • Concentration of Global Retailing and Logistics
  • Contemporary Inequality
  • Degrowth
  • Energy Poverty
  • Foresight
  • Gender Issues
  • Informal Economy
  • Marketing and Consumption as Culture
  • Markets During Times of War
  • Market Violence
  • Path Dependencies
  • Philosophy and Markets
  • Post Truth, Media, and Ideologies
  • Public Services
  • Sustainability Transitions
  • Technologies and Societies of Control

If you're interesting in chairing a track on these topics or anything else of your scholarly interest, please submit your track proposal by October 16th. Pia Polsa and Petteri Repo (, are glad to consult you and engage you in the conference!