Call for Papers

What are the possibilities of the ‘common good’ in contemporary society marked with increasing contradictions and growing inequality? Welcome to the Macromarketing Conference to discuss this and many other topical matters of interest!

The Call for Papers of the 49th Macromarketing Conference in Helsinki is now available at this link: (pdf, 600KB). There is a wide range of interesting tracks and please see the call for their details.

Submission system: All submissions can be sent via the online form at this link: Please note that the deadline for all submissions in 31 January, 2024.

For your convenience, here is the list of the 26 tracks and their chairs – we hope to you see you at the conference!

Pia Polsa & Petteri Repo,


Agribusiness and Food Marketing
- Claudia Dumitrescu, Renee Hughner

Degrowth & Marketing
- Lotte Levelt, Joya Kemper, Stefanie Beninger

Ethics, Equity and Social Justice
- Cathy McGouran, Ann-Marie Kennedy, Nicky Santos

Exploring Inclusive Marketing
- Ruby P. Lee, Tatiana Fajardo

- Shoaib Padela

Future of The Circular Economy, New Markets and Marketing
- Katie Louise Leggett, Markku Anttonen, Minna Lammi

Gender and Intersectionality
- Cathy McGouran, Johnpaul Smith

Globalisation, (Neo)Colonialism, and Marketing
- Marcus Wilcox Hemais, Olga Kravets

Healthcare Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities for Macromarketers
- Mark Peterson, Jeff Wang

Historical Research in Marketing
- Francisco Conejo, Oksana Domina, Jayne Krisjanous, Terrence H. Witkowski

Imagining a Regenerative, Plenitudinous Economy
- Eric J Arnould, Anu Helkkula

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Macromarketing Research and the Quest for Data
- Alex Reppel, Petteri Repo

Levers of Change in Developing Circular Forest Bioeconomy
- Anne Toppinen, Angelina Korsunova-Tsaruk, Ritva Toivonen, Mirja Mikkilä

Macromarketing Measurements and Methods
- Francisco Conejo, Anthony Samuel, Ben Wooliscroft

Macromarketing Pedagogy
- Julie V. Stanton, Stanley J. Shapiro

Marketing systems, society and nature/biodiversity
- Outi Uusitalo, Maria Pecoraro, Miia Grénman

One Young World: Consumer Empowerment toward Sustainability
- Mahsa Ghaffari, Padmali Rodrig, Amy Yau

Psychoanalysis & Political Economy
- Alan Bradshaw, Joel Hietanen

Service Ecosystems for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future
- Kristina Heinonen, Larissa Becker, Stefan Burggraf, Johanna Gummerus

Social Conflict, Marketing and Well-Being
- Cliff Shultz, Andrés Barrios

Social Marketing Futures
- Josephine Previte, Christine Domegan, Ann-Marie Kennedy

Sustainability and Climate Change
- Sabrina Helm, Joya Kemper, Vicki Little

Sustainable Development Goals and Macromarketing
- Mahabubur Rahman

Transitioning to a circular economy for a better society
- Carmela Bosangit, Nicole Koenig-Lewis

The Use of Literature in Macromarketing
- Raymond Benton, Jr.

Quality of Life and Wellbeing
- Alexandra Ganglmair-Wooliscroft, Ahmet Ekici