Here you will find instructions for poster stands and more.
Instructions for posters


Posters whose presenters are affiliated with any Russian or Belarusian research institutes are not allowed.

Posters must not list researchers primarily affiliated with the Russian or Belarusian research institutes nor indicate any mentions into these sites or reseachers. When listing researchers and authors with secondary affiliation in Russian or Belarusian research institutes, these affiliations must not be used.


The posters should be of vertical A0 format (width: 841 mm, height: 1189mm).

Push pins will be provided for the presenters to attach the posters to the stands.

In the poster schedule, each poster has a number. These numbers will be used to place the posters for the poster sessions. Each poster, can be up for the whole day and placed in the morning. Posters must removed by the same evening.

Each presenter should present his /her poster in the allocated time slot (see schedule).


If you want to present a virtual poster and you attending online, please contact organizers. Each poster can be presented with 3 min pre-recorded Zoom talk that are played during the poster presentation session. This session is not interative. The prerecorded talks must be sent to organizers by 11.5.


Instructions for symposia


Symposium talks are not accepted from researchers affiliated with the Russian or Belarusian research institutes. Symposium talks are not allowed to indicate any mentions into these sites or reseachers with primary affiliation in Russian or Belarusian research institutes.  If researchers (other than presenter)  with secondary affiliation in Russian or Belarusian research institute are referred to, Russian or Belarusian affiliations must not be used.


The symposium chair is responsible for mediating the communication between the conference organizers and the speakers. All speakers must register to the conference in a given timeline.

Each symposium has been allocated a 2 hour slot which leaves 20-30 min for each speaker dependending on the symposium. The chair is responsible for chairing the session and for introducing the speakers.

One or two symposium speakers in any symposium can have a virtual talk, if needed. If any of the speakers of the symposium is presenting virtually, this must be communicated with the conference organizers to allow preparation for this. All talks are streamed via Zoom to the online attendees.  

Covid Instructions

COVID-19 vaccines effectively prevent severe forms of the disease and curb the spread of the virus. We hope that all participants protect themselves and others by having taking the vaccine.

General mask recommendation is being lifted, but masks may still be used according to personal discretion

The general recommendation issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to use masks is being lifted with three exceptions.

THL recommends the continued use of masks in public indoor spaces and public transport for those seeking treatment or a test because of a suspicion of coronavirus infection, for those with symptoms of respiratory infection, who nevertheless have essential reasons to move outside their home and for those who know that they have been exposed to COVID-19 (for example, infections have been diagnosed in the family) and for whom close contact with outsiders cannot be avoided.

It is still necessary to pay close attention to health security: we exercise good hand hygiene, maintain distances and do not come to the facilities if feeling ill.