Welcome to the Biocolours Conference 2024!

The first Biocolours conference was held four years ago in Breda, the Netherlands, in 2018. Now we are honoured to announce the second Biocolours conference to be held in University of Helsinki Main Building, Helsinki, Finland 4-7 June, 2024

Biocolours 2024 conference welcomes researchers from all over the world to Helsinki, to share findings of natural and bio-based colourants within the theme of ‘Sustainable Value Chain for Colour’. Biodegradable materials are used to a greater extent, and we need alternatives to the current synthetically produced, oil-based colourants. Biocolours 2024 conference wants to look at bio-based colourants from multidisciplinary views combining research with businesses. We want to open the floor for presentations highlighting the entire value chain from the production of colourants, their applications and design to marketing and even consumer aspects.

More information on the Biocolours 2024 conference will be coming on these pages soon!

We cordially invite you to participate in the Biocolours 2024 conference in Helsinki, and to meet up with all the colleagues in biocolourants!

Professor Riikka Räisänen
Chair of the organizing committee of the conference,
University of Helsinki