Conference theme

Assessment and learning analytics

Our SIG was established as a platform for dialogue between scholars with a focus on classroom assessment and scholars with an orientation toward large-scale assessment and programme evaluation. In both lines of research, there has recently been a strong shift towards electronic assessment. This has opened up new possibilities for collecting and utilising new types of data, e.g. process data in addition to outcome-based measures. It has also facilitated automatisation of analytical procedures, provision of immediate feedback and adaptation of assessment. However, rapid development of technology and the vast amount of available data may also pose new types of challenges to assessment if theoretical and pedagogical models are not prepared to consider them appropriately. Therefore, in 2018 SIG1 conference we particularly invite submissions incorporating learning analytics perspectives in all areas of assessment and evaluation research, as well as on the following topics:

  • Large scale assessment
  • Classroom assessment
  • Programme evaluation
  • Teachers’ assessment literacy and professional development
  • Assessment and evaluation connections to learning, self-regulated learning, motivation and emotion
  • Formative Assessment
  • Students' assessment literacy and involvement
  • Technology-supported assessment
  • Learning analytics

More information on presentation formats can be found here