Due to the success of our first two-day Summer School initiative at the EARLI SIG1 2016 Conference in Munich, we proudly present our call for the 2018 summer school. The Summer School will take place two days before the main conference (August 29 -31) at the same location as the main conference.


The Summer School aims to:

Provide a setting for participants to receive feedback and guidance on their current research and provide feedback to fellow PhD students;
Provide a forum for discussing theoretical and methodological issues of central importance to research on assessment and evaluation;
Provide the possibility to participate in specific content and methodology workshops (which will be tailored to the participants’ needs if possible);
Develop a network of junior and senior scholars in the field of assessment and evaluation across countries and continents;
Support junior researchers in their effort to enter the SIG1 research community.

Application to the Summer School

Prospective attendees will be evaluated for their participation in the summer school. This evaluation will be based on the document that applicants need to submit (see below). An effort will be made to keep the participating group small to encourage interaction and collaboration. Your learning objectives and needs will be input for the workshops so that, potentially, workshops would be tailored to the needs of a specific subgroup of attendees. Additionally, participants will be asked to present a poster (DIN A0, portrait design) about their research project during one of the Summer School sessions.

Prospective participants will send their application to earlisig1@gmail.com (before April 1) . The application should be submitted as a single PDF-file in mail attachment. All applications will be evaluated and based on the outcome of this evaluation selected participants will be invited to register as summer school participants. It is therefore key that your application document complies with the queries presented below. In sum, the procedure is as follows: (1) prospective participants send their application, (2) the application is evaluated, (3) if the evaluation is positive the participant will be invited to register, and (4) participant register for the summer school.

The document should contain:

A cover sheet with your name, title of your dissertation, your advisor's name, your institution, and your e-mail address. A research profile describing: The background of your research project: Who are you? What is your main topic about? What is the expected date for dissertation completion? The goals of your research: What are the specific goals and research questions of your PhD-project? Design and methodology: What design and/or methodology do you use? Current status and future plans: What is your current status and what are your possible future plans? -A publication list (when applicable). Max. 1000 words (including title, main text, figures, tables, and references)

An interest letter describing:

Learning objectives and motivation: what do you want to learn? What would you like our experts to address? What is your motivation to attend? Particular issues and/or problems: what current issues are you struggling with for your current study and beyond?

Information on JURE grants

The SIG1 community would like to express their commitment to our JURE members who are facing financial struggles and for whom the conference attendance is perhaps not an evident option. In order to do so, the SIG1 community offers a €400 funding to a number of participants that fit the requirements below. We feel that this extra funding might be helpful and that this would help to sustain our research community.

In order to be eligible for the bursary application, as a JURE member, you should have:

Option 1: A proposal accepted for the main EARLI SIG1 2018 conference as a presenting author. Only first authors can apply and will be considered for funding.

Option 2: An accepted application for the summer school preceding the EARLI SIG1 2018 conference (see above)

Additionally, a financial criterion will be taken into account whether a presenting author is eligible for the funding. As such, SIG1 will use the World bank data for 2017, GDP per capita. The threshold for low-GDP (Gross Domestic Product) countries is determined at annual income per capita of less than 26,000 USD.

Therefore, we only consider funding requests coming from the following low-GDP countries:

African countries

Asian countries (with following exceptions: Brunei Darussalam, Hong Kong SAR, Israel, Japan, Korean Rep., Kuwait, Macao SAR, Qatar, Singapore, United Arab Emirates)

Latin American countries

and the following countries in the wider Europe an area:

Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, FYR of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine.

Participating JURE members from all other countries are not encouraged to apply for funding.

The final decision on granting the funding will be made by SIG1 coordinators. Preference will be given to funding participants working in European countries, as EARLI is a European association.

Should you meet these criteria, after approval of your proposal or application to the summer school, please send your request to the earlisig1@gmail.com by April 1, 2018. For those JURE-members applying for the Summer School there will be an option to indicate whether you want to apply for this funding or not. Your request will be examined based on these requirements, after which you will be notified (beginning of May).

We hope that this will allow you to join our conference in Helsinki.