Visiting Fellow Alumni

Since 2008, the Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Fellows Programme has hosted over 160 scholars from 29 countries.

We are proud to have had such a diverse, high-level, and expert group of scholars coming to work with us. We are particularly glad that many of the former Visiting Fellows have maintained and developed connections after their visits, with people of the Aleksanteri Institute, elsewhere at the University of Helsinki, as well as with other researchers and research institutes in Finland.

The alumni have been invited to the Institute based on annual calls for proposals. Our capacity to offer visiting positions is far smaller than the number of excellent proposals we receive in each call, as we are usually able to accept only 6–7% of all the applications.

You can read more about the projects of the alumni below. NB: Information on alumni and their projects presented here is from the times of their visits at the Aleksanteri Institute and has not been updated.

See also our virtual seminar series Aleksanteri Alumni Talks where we get to learn about recent work of our former Visiting Fellows.

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