The Aleksanteri Institute strives to promote the development of Finnish research in the field of Russian and Eastern European Studies. We cultivate domestic and international research networks and encourage dialogue with other actors of the Finnish society. Majority of the research is financed by grants from the Academy of Finland, Kone Foundation and other Finnish foundations and ministries. 

Our approach is multidisciplinary and comparative, and follows the six focus areas determined in the research policy

  • Conditions for socially, environmentally and economically sustainable development,
  • Democracy and its challenges,
  • Identities and cultures in flux,
  • Security and new and traditional security threats,
  • Welfare policies and the state of welfare, and
  • The prospects of and challenges brought by digitalisation.

Our researchers publish in the best international disciplinary and area studies journals, as well as in established Finnish journals. The Aleksanteri Institute has its own publication series Studies in Contemporary Russia published by Routledge. To get the full picture of our publications, please see the University of Helsinki research database TUHAT.