Support for Studies

UH's user account for ExpREES students, travel support, communication, registration of courses and graduation
UH's user account for ExpREES students

ExpREES students select ExpREES courses from the ExpREES curriculum. The credits are compiled in Sisu, the study register system of the coordinating university, the University of Helsinki. ExpREES students need to apply for a user account /username on UH's website

Together with your user account, you will get a email, to which emails from UH's Moodle and Sisu are sent. Please, remember to use your email (please read the instructions). You may forward emails from the given account to another account (please read the instructions).

When you are about to graduate from your home university and ExpREES studies are complete, you will receive a separate certificate for the ExpREES studies in addition to the transcript of studies. Please contact the ExpREES coordinator when you are close to graduation.

Support for travel costs

Travel costs in Finland

ExpREES can cover some costs related to your travel to attend ExpREES courses offered by  the universities of our network. The travel costs linked to summer schools or excursions in Finland will not be covered by ExpREES funds.

The expenses will be covered as follows:

  • Travelling from the place of residence (or closer) to attend the courses will be covered by actual expenses; meaning that if you live in Tampere, but travel to Helsinki from somewhere further than Tampere, ExpREES will compensate for costs of the Tampere-Helsinki-Tampere journey, but if you travel from somewhere nearer, the actual cost of the journey will be compensated.
  • ExpREES reimburses travel expenses using the cheapest means of transportation in full. If you use your own car, ExpREES will compensate the price of train or bus fare. ExpREES covers 50% of accommodation costs, but 30€/person/night at the most.
  • The budget for the calendar year 2023 is 250€/student.
  • The compensation for the costs of travel using local transport are a matter of discretion, keeping the distance to the university in mind.

The reimbursement of other than travel costs related to attending an ExpREES course (for example data gathering for the master’s thesis) should be agreed in advance with the head and coordinator of ExpREES .

The reimbursement of travel costs will take place after your trip when you have filled in the travel claim form and enclosed all original receipts. Please sign the form, and scan the form together with all the receipts  and send it as a single PDF file to the ExpREES coordinator Hanna Peltonen (hanna.o.peltonen at Please remember to sign the form and provide us with your account number! If you do not have original receipts (for example a mobile ticket), send a copy of the bank statement, in which the given travel costs are visible.

Please send the travel receipts right after your journey and no later than two months after the end of your journey. If you claim your travel costs later, a signed clearance of reasons for the delay must be included.  If the course related to which you claim travel costs lasts over two months, you should make more than one travel claim,  so that you do not exceed a two month limit (i.e. the first claim just before a two month period and another one later).

Travelling abroad for data gathering or conference participation

If you need to  gather primary data for your master's thesis or participate in a scientific conference abroad, part of the expenses may be covered from ExpREES funds. Please discuss this opportunity in advance with the ExpREES coordinator.

ExpREES communication channels

Our main communication channels to ExpREES students are:

You can find more information about the Aleksanteri Insitute on their website. The Aleksanteri-institute emailing list is the Aleksanteri Institute's official mailing list. By subscribing to aleksanteri-institute, you will receive monthly alerts on the most important news about open calls, events and publications. N.B. You cannot post your own messages to this list. (Check the instructions for aleksanteri-lista)

Registration of Courses

When you have passed an ExpREES course, you will be entitled to credits which will be recognized as part of ExpREES. Courses passed at the University of Helsinki will be automatically recognized in Sisu. In order to get other than the University of Helsinki’s courses recognized in the ExpREES studies, please follow Sisu instructions (recognition of studies).

When you plan not to take any more ExpREES courses and your master’s thesis is ready for submission, please contact the ExpREES coordinator. You will be provided with the transcript of records with the help of which your ExpREES studies will be recognized as part of your home university's degree. You will also receive a special certificate for ExpREES studies, provided that you have passed no fewer than 25 credits of ExpREES studies (including the three compulsory courses) and a master’s thesis that studies the geographical area of ExpREES.

Please note that the courses taken before you were accepted as an ExpREES student cannot be recognized as ExpREES studies (except for the ExpREES multimodal course). 


After you have submitted your Master's thesis for examination, please fill in the electronic form "Graduation from ExpREES". We will use the information on this form to prepare a ExpREES certificate for you.

If necessary, the ExpREES studies (in Sisu VIE-500 study module) can be compiled at earlier time if needed. Please contact the ExpREES coordinator by e-mail and tell us which courses you would like to include in the study module.