Information services

The Aleksanteri Institute manages a national e-mail list on Russian and Eastern European studies and co-maintains a source guide of research materials and databases.
Eastern European and Russian research literature collection at Kaisa House

The Aleksanteri Institute held a collection of research literature in Russian and Eastern European studies, mainly in the fields of social sciences and humanities. The collection has now been moved to the main library of the University of Helsinki, on the second floor of the Kaisa House, where it has been complemented with books from the Kaisa House's own collections. The research literature collection is available to all Helka customers according to the University Library's regular lending policies.

Research Guide in Russian and Eastern European Studies

The Research Guide in Russian and Eastern European Studies is a compilation produced by the Information Services of the Aleksanteri Institute, the Helsinki University Library and the Slavonic Library. The Guide facilitates information seeking for researchers and students in the field of Russian and Eastern European Studies. The Research Guide is a wide collection of described databases and materials that may otherwise be laborious to find. The guide is open for everyone and it is regularly updated.

The Aleksanteri mailing list

The Aleksanteri email list is a nationwide information channel for Russian and Eastern European studies in Finland, maintained by the Institute. The mailing list welcomes press releases, news and notes on current publications, seminars, training opportunities, funding opportunities, events, etc. The mailing reaches around 1000 readers. The list welcomes announcements in all languages, with Finnish and English being the most commonly used at the moment.  The list can also be used for discussion, but please bear in mind the wide subscriber base and the academic focus of the list. You need to join the list to be able to send messages to it.

How to join

Please send a request to join the list by e-mail to majordomo[at]

Leave the title field empty and write in the message field

subscribe aleksanteri-list your e-mail address 

E.g. subscribe aleksanteri-list

Once you have sent your subscription message, you will receive an automatic reply and your message will be forwarded to the list administrator. Once you have been added to the list, you will receive a confirmation and instructions on how to unsubscribe, among other things. You should keep your message.

It is not advisable to join the list from anonymous addresses (hotmail, yahoo), as messages sent from these addresses will be perceived as spam.

If you cannot join the list, please contact Aleksanteri Institute at aleksanteri[at] to ask to be added manually.

Sending messages 

List messages should be sent to aleksanteri-lista[at] Send the message from the same e-mail address as the one you used to join the list.

The sent messages will be transferred to the admin system to await for approval. Awaiting messages are processed 1-2 times per weekday. Please note that the admin system reads messages in plain text form, so we may contact you to verify the content of html messages or images in your message. 

Terms of use

The Alexanteri mailin list is subject to the general rules of the University of Helsinki's information systems.

In addition, the list administrator requires that:

  • the content must be related to the topic of the list which is Russian and Eastern European Studies
  • the comments sent are factual and respectful of others.
  • communication is sent to benefits to the community
  • messages should be signed with your own name, not with a pseudonym or the initials of your name
  • the list should not be used for private communication or personal purposes
  • the list should not be used to circulate spam or ads 
  • avoid sending attachments

Unsubscribing from the list

Send a request to be removed from the list by e-mail to majordomo[at]

Leave the title field empty and write in the message field

unsubscribe aleksanteri-list your email address

E.g. unsubscribe aleksanteri-list

If you cannot unsubscribe, please contact the Institute at aleksanteri[at] to be removed manually.


For questions related to the Aleksanteri mailing list, please contact Olga Kaijalainen, Information Officer, olga.kaijalainen[at]

Please do not send questions to the mailing list if they are actually meant to the list administrators.