After you apply (Application for Master's Programmes in English)

After you apply

On this page you can find details of what happens after you apply to a Master’s Programme in English or to a multilingual Master’s Programme. The application period ends on January 11th 2019 at 15.00 o’clock (local Finnish time). You may supplement your application documents until January 25th 2019, 15.00 o’clock (local Finnish time). If your application and the supporting documents meet the set requirements, your application will be sent for academic evaluation.

In order to be sent for academic evaluation, your application must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • You have demonstrated your language proficiency in time and according to the requirements of the Master’s Programme
  • You have sent the required educational documents in time and according to the given instructions
  • The degree indicated as the grounds for application makes you eligible to apply to the Master’s Programme
  • You have sent the additional documents required by the Master’s Programme

After filling in and sending the application form you will receive confirmation email. All the required application documents are listed in this email. Also the due date for application documents is given in it. Make sure that you send all the requested documents within the application period and that they meet the requirements defined by the programme you are applying to. Application documents are processed in the order of arrival. If any of the documentation does not meet the set requirements, the applicant is contacted by email. Depending on the time your documents have been processed, you might receive an email notification after the due date for application documents. In this case it is not possible to supplement the application anymore.

Admission Services of the Univerisity of Helsinkin evaluates the eligibility and authenticity of your educational certificates. This includes, among others, contacting your previous educational institution and the language test organizer. Any malpractice will be reported to your home institution and the appropriate authorities.

Academic evaluation

In academic evaluation your application will be reviewed according to the admission criteria of the Master’s Programme. You will find the admission criteria of the programme you are applying to in Studyinfo. If e.g. an interview, a portfolio or a preliminary assignment is part of the evaluation process, it will be noted separately in the admission criteria.

In the academic evaluation the applications will be ranked, and only the best applicants will be admitted. You will be informed of the admission results personally by e-mail no later than April 12th 2019. The e-mail will be sent to the address you have given on the application form. You will also find the information about the results in the My Studyinfo –service.