10 reasons to work in Helsinki

Helsinki is renowned for offering an exceptionally high quality of life, with its outstanding modern transport system, great infrastructure and high degree of social trust. Everything simply works.

Helsinki is at the top of global quality of life rankings, such as Monocle's Quality of Life Survey (Helsinki ranks 6th) and Cities for the Best Work-Life Balance (Helsinki ranks 1st).

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From an international perspective, Helsinki is an attractive location in which to seek employment. The vast majority of major Finnish companies have long since adopted English as a working language. Gender equality is at an excellent level. The market for skilled workers offers much potential, particularly in the sciences.

Helsinki-Uusimaa is the most innovative region in the EU.

Helsinki is currently the most popular city for congresses in the Nordic region and the tenth most popular in Europe.

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The public sector in Helsinki provides high-quality services either for an affordable price or free of charge. The quality infrastructure and public transportation system make your life easier, while public libraries, sports facilities and cultural venues are close by.

Helsinki has a very efficient healthcare system, open to all of its inhabitants. Taking out expensive private insurances is unnecessary.

Finland prides itself on its education system, which has become a benchmark for other leading nations. One of its hallmarks is its accessibility in terms of language, as English and other foreign-language schools are popular alternatives.

Helsinki is an extremely family-friendly city and an attractive destination for children with families. A parent can choose to stay at home with their baby for almost a year with excellent benefits. When a parent with a child in a buggy uses public transport, they travel free of charge in Helsinki.

When the children grow older, they attend one of the world’s best educational systems – Finland held first place in OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) for several years.

Helsinki has a comprehensive network of quality public schools and kindergartens as well as a selection of educational facilities and international schools providing instruction in English.

The Helsinki public transport system has been named the second best among European cities, with a highly effective public transport system of metro, tram, bus and train lines, enabling the whole metropolitan area to be within reach.

Helsinki is well connected to other capitals in Europe and has frequent flight connections to Asia as well. Helsinki Airport is widely considered to be among the best in Europe.

Mobility in Helsinki is fast and environmentally friendly

Helsinki is one of the world’s safest cities to live in. We have a well-functioning democracy, a reasonably stable economy, advanced transportation systems and no risk of natural disasters. Finland is one of the few countries where lost wallets or mobile phones are regularly returned to their rightful owner. People feel safe walking in the city parks or using public transport regardless of the hour.

Finland, the safest country on Earth according to the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Helsinki is an egalitarian city where people can trust each other

Where else in the world can you live in a buzzing city centre, but when yearning for the outdoors, you can just pack your tent and take a bus to reach untouched nature? Helsinki has the advantages of a big city in a smaller and compact package. In the city centre, you can easily get from A to B by foot or by a rented city bike, but the city is also well served by public transportation, with little to no rush hour disturbances.

In a compact city, everything is near

Helsinki’s exceptional urban planning means that every part of the city has at least one park or green area. Thanks to our wide green spaces, the quality of the air we breathe is excellent.

Helsinki is home to many beautiful and easily accessible nature trails and vistas where you can take a walk, relax and grill on an open fire, or go kayaking to the gorgeous archipelago. Did you know that on one of the campuses of the University of Helsinki you can actually go for a walk and see cows and horses surrounded by green fields?

Because of the Finnish “everyman's right”, people can freely enjoy and use the natural environment.

Home of Linux and the Angry Birds, Helsinki has a red-hot startup scene and has been called the third most innovative city in the world when it comes to startups. Helsinki is also the home of the world's leading startup event Slush.

Helsinki Think Company functions as the entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki, matching academics with innovators in business life. Business plans are created by combining real-world problems, academic know-how and entrepreneurial action with an open multidisciplinary community. Check out the idea accelerators and inspiring events!

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Scandinavian style and design has an intense presence in the city and the campuses. This former World Design Capital has its own design week and also many smaller design events that showcase young Finnish designers. Almost everyone knows Marimekko, Iittala and Alvar Aalto, but you will also discover new Finnish names and design talents in the many design markets taking place in the city year round and in the famous Design District. The cityscape in Helsinki offers a journey from Neoclassicism and Art Nouveau to contemporary architecture.

Helsinki is exciting, creative and growing

Are you a foodie or an art lover? Or do you enjoy live music?

In Helsinki you can enjoy culture in the cold of winter and under the midnight sun. During the summer days the city is truly on fire as there is so much to do, from the world-famous music festival Flow to the art and music in the Helsinki Festival. But Helsinki is also a lively city in the wintertime. The Christmas markets and the amazing LUX light shows in Helsinki in January are only a start to the winter offerings. The art museums HAM and Kiasma bring intense visual art shows by world-famous artists. For foodies, Helsinki is a must – the Taste of Helsinki festival and the Street Food Markets as well as many other food-related happenings will satisfy your taste buds.

Helsinki is beating with life around the year