Sustainable University

The University of Helsinki actively develops society, engenders welfare and solves global challenges. Our operations are thoroughly guided by social responsibility. We are committed to promoting sustainable development in research, teaching and public engagement. As a multidisciplinary university, we are able to produce solutions for global problems based on sustainable development. The Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science HELSUS provides researchers with an inspirational multidisciplinary environment that encourages investigating, experimenting and seeking the best possible solutions for a sustainable future. In the future, we wish to ensure the sustainability and responsibility of our activities in terms of ecology, society, finances and culture. Our campus development is increasingly consistently carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
Contact details for persons in charge of sustainability and responsibility affairs

Sustainability in research, teaching and partnerships

Themes related to sustainable development and responsibility are researched and taught at almost all of the faculties of the University of Helsinki – from the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences to the Faculty of Social Sciences – under topics ranging from circular economy and food production to Baltic Sea conservation and climate research. Themes of sustainability are also part of the University’s partnerships. See below for examples of our activities.

Sustainable campus

The sustainability of the campuses of the University of Helsinki and their operations is increased by providing the facilities and services needed for teaching and research with as low emissions and as high material efficiency as possible. Practices and procedures observed on campuses are socially, ecologically, culturally and financially responsible. A sustainability and responsibility committee established by the rector carries the responsibility for the development, monitoring and reporting of campus sustainability and responsibility.