User instructions for our recruitment system
On this page you will find instructions on how to use the recruitment system.

In the need of support, you will receive assistance from:

New users can register and log in to the system at

Login – employment with the university

  • Select this option if you are currently employed by the University of Helsinki. Log in with your University username (‘AD account’) and password.

Login – no employment relationship with the university

  • Select this option if you are a jobseeker from outside the University, a student at the University or a grant-funded researcher. Log in with your personal username (email address) and password.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking here: Forgot your password?
  • You can change your password by clicking here: Change password.

If you have not previously applied for a job with us, please begin by registering in the system.

During registration, you will be asked to enter your name and email address.

We recommend that you enter an email address other than one ending in

You will receive a message confirming your registration to the email address you provided. This message will guide you in logging in to our recruitment system.

System functions:

  1. Job Postings: Here you can find the University of Helsinki’s open positions. Select the position you are interested in and apply. If the recruiting official has provided a separate reference code for the application process, you can find the position by entering the code under Reference code.
  2. My Profile: Information provided in your first application (e.g., contact details, education, work experience and application attachments) will be saved here. You can edit and update the information. Any changes you make will also be updated for ongoing application processes.
  3. My Applications: Here you can see all the positions you have applied for. You can continue to complete applications with the status Draft and, if necessary, edit an application you have submitted. You can also cancel an application.

If you have not applied for a job with us before, start by registering in our recruitment system.

Registration takes place on the same page as logging in to the system: You can also find the page in each job ad, via the Apply for a place button:

We will ask you at the time of registration for your name and email address. We recommend using an email address other than

You will receive a confirmation email from the registration to the email address you have provided. The confirmation email will guide you forward to log in to our recruitment system.
Once you have registered with the system, you can apply for the position directly through the Apply-link at the bottom of the job advert.
If you log in to the system through the main ,go first to the tab Employment Opportunities. There, search for the open position, and then press Apply.

If you are employed by the University of Helsinki, please see "I am employed by the university and i wish to apply for a new position".

If you have a valid employment relationship with the University of Helsinki, apply for vacancies through the SAP HR portal at: Log in with your university credentials. You can also find a direct link in Flamma's tools: Recruitment system eRekry.

If you try to apply for an open position through a job advert on the website, the system will identify you as a university employee based on your -email address. You will receive an error message regarding your username. If for some reason you do not want to apply for a job as an internal employee through SAP HR, register a new user id for yourself. In this case, use some other email address to sign up, not -address. For more information on registration, see "I am a new job seeker".

If you work with a grant or are a docent, please apply for vacancies through the job advert on our open positions -website.

Our recruitment system identifies if you have a valid employment relationship with the university or have previously worked at the university. This may cause you to receive an error message telling you that your email address is already in use.

If you work for the university, apply for an open position through SAP HR (please see "I'm a university employee and I wish to apply for a new position").

If you are not currently working for the university, register a new user id with another email address (please see "I am a new job seeker").

Sometimes there may be temporary errors in the system that can cause delay in sending the confirmation message.
Please contact We will investigate the situation and be able to help you move forward.


First of all, please make sure you have submitted the application.

In the recruitment system, you have your own candidate profile where you can fill in basic information about yourself, your education and your experience. Filling out information to your profile does not yet mean that you have applied for an open position. You can check your own applications on the system tab:
Employment opportunities > My Applications. If you can't find the application you're looking for here, find the task on the Job Search -tab and then apply.

There is always a clear Apply function when you are submitting your application. You can apply for a position either by using the Apply-button in a job ad or alternatively in the recruitment system by using the Job search.

When you are applying for a position, the Application Wizard will ask you for information about your education and work experience. The final step of the Application Wizard is always submitting your application.

To log in to recruitment system:
Employees of the University will log in to recruitment system through SAP HR.

You can select the system language as soon as you log in from the language menu. The system works in Finnish, Swedish, English.

Please check your browser language settings if the recruitment system does not appear in the selected language.

You can also specify the language for correspondence from the system. Log in to the system:

Go to the Candidate Profile tab. Under Personal Settings, you can choose the language you want to use primarily.

The recruitment system automatically stores the data you enter when you move from one tab to another in the system. You can also leave the system and continue filling data and applying later.

Yes, you can.

Log in to the system:
University staff applications through SAP HR.

Go to the open jobs tab > My Applications.

Activate the line on which you want to continue or cancel the application for the task. To activate the line, click the square at the beginning of the line. This activates the actions "Continue application" and "Delete/Cancel".

If you withdraw your application, you will not be able to reapply for the same position.

You can edit the information and application attachments in the system within the application period.

If the application period for the position you are applying has already expired, we hope that you will no longer complete or change your application.

Log in to:
University staff applications through SAP HR.

You can edit your information on the Candidate profile > Your Profile.

If you edit, add, or delete attachments, see "Targeting attachments to search" separately.

In connection with the application, you will not be able to edit the application letter you have written in the system. If necessary, you can write a new application letter and include it as an attachment in the application.

If you are interested in the university as an employer, but there isn't any suitable positions open, we recommend that you contact the unit that interests you and ask about job opportunities.

You can also fill the candidate profile in our recruitment system and release your profile. Releasing your profile means that you are open for job opportunities and we get to contact you about possible suitable jobs. You can also save a search guard in the system under Job vacancies > Search Guard.

You can check the attachments related to your application in the system > My Profile.

Log in to the system:
University staff applications through SAP HR.

On the Attachments tab, you can find a drop-down menu called My Applications.

On the menu, select the job for which you want to view attachments.

All attachments associated with your applicant profile are listed on the page. Here you can also add new attachments to your profile.

Each attachment is followed by a small check box. Select (tick the box) or select an attachment to specify which attachments will appear as files for that search for the people evaluating your application.

Note! Please do not delete attachments from the system if they are related to another position you are applying for.

The application period will end at 11:59 p.m. Finnish time (EEST) on the day mentioned on the listing your are applying to.

We recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser. The browser must allow cookies and pop-ups.

The application attachments must be in PDF format. The maximum size of each attachment is 20 MB.