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Interested in a summer job at the University of Helsinki? Looking for a varied and interesting one where you get to work with great people? Want to find out more about the University from an employee perspective and learn new things in a stimulating work environment?

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Responsible employer

The University of Helsinki is a responsible employer that offers paid summer jobs only.

We are Finland’s largest academic institution and one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary universities. Our staff of over 8,000 work in various roles in teaching, research and specialist and support services. This enables us to offer a wide range of summer job opportunities. We provide our staff with high-quality support services and extensive benefits.

The University of Helsinki is committed to acting responsibly towards all staff. Our values – truth, Bildung, freedom and inclusivity – guide our activities in the recruitment and leadership of staff.

For our human resources policy, we have developed principles of responsibility that guide all our activities as an employer. We promise our prospective and current staff that we will act openly, equally and without discrimination.

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How do I apply?

If you have not previously applied for a job at the University of Helsinki using the new system (launched on 17 May 2022), please start by registering and creating an account. 

New users can register here: 

You can also access the above web address by clicking on the Apply now -link in job ads published at

When you register, we will ask you to provide your email address, name and country or region of residence and to set a password. Before creating a user account, you must read and accept the data protection statement. 

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Summer job experiences

My summer as a foal sitter

My summer job at the University of Helsinki’s Equine Hospital gave me my first taste of equine veterinary practice.

I had very little experience of handling foals despite about ten years’ experience with horses. However, thanks to experienced and professional veterinary nursing staff, I felt that I soon got the hang of handling foals and the most common care procedures. It was interesting to get to follow the diagnostics and treatment of foal patients and, in fact, the Equine Hospital also provides a unique opportunity to follow intensive care of foals. During the summer, I learnt the principles of working at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the most common treatment methods used in foal care.

I particularly liked the practicality of the work and having had the chance to work with patients from day one. Work with living animals presents its challenges but during the summer I learnt to work in changing circumstances and adjust plans, sometimes at very short notice. Foal care entails a great deal of cooperation with sitters, veterinary nursing staff and veterinarians. The good work community helped in coping with three-shift work. In addition, the recovery and development of foal patients was particularly rewarding. In my opinion, work as a foal sitter is a practical and safe way to acquaint yourself with equine veterinary practice and animal care.

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